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Weekly research highlights 9 October 2020

The “Digitalisation Component Framework: an inside-out approach to digital transformation” report by Hexaware presents an overview of new domains where automation can bring valuable outcomes and opportunities for businesses, implementing digital acceleration and bringing new improvements into existing systems without replacing the foundation. The paper presents key objectives and steps that should be taken, such as creating a digital roadmap and automation framework, establishing an execution and governance model that will give predictable outcomes and providing a continuous innovation collaborative model. Read more

The “Regulatory Sandboxes and Innovation Hubs for FinTech” from the European Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies highlights the challenges faced by the institutional and regulatory institutions in the financial sector, arising from technological disruptions. The paper presents an overview of steps and advice into implementing regulatory sandboxes and innovation hubs as part of the overall strategies pursued by jurisdictions due to the high and rapid growth of fintechs. Read more

A new report from Finextra and Numeric in association with AWS explores the power of cloud systems in terms of opportunities and advantages for capital market firms. In addition, the paper presents the progress of financial services in prioritizing digital transformation for their businesses. In order to meet clients’ demands, financial institutions need to be faster, more agile and also address the spiralling total cost of ownership (TCO) of their IT infrastructures. Read more

In a recent study by Cloudian, “TCO Report: on-premise storage vs public cloud storage”, new solutions are explored on how to deal with data growth, storage and management. The main challenges that businesses are currently facing is to find a cost-effective way to ensure data performance, security, or service delivery. Thus, there is a growing trend of companies adopting a public cloud system, which comes with advantages, such as cost reduction, but also limitations, such as lack of data control. Read more

According to a recent study overview by PWC and CB Insights, “Money Tree Report Q3 2020”, further growth is seen for US VC fundings for Q3’20, number of quarterly mega-rounds and seed deals. While deals fall short, the US 2020 funding pace is close to record levels. In addition, more than half of Q3’20 funding comes from mega-rounds and seed deal activity rises for the second consecutive quarter. Read more

The EU Legal Affairs Committee adopted three reports concerning regulations for AI technology. The new proposal includes issues concerning ethics framework for AI and liability for AI causing damage to intellectual property rights. It is expected that by early 2021, The Commission will have a legislative proposal ready. The main areas of interest will ensure that self-learning AI systems will be overviewed by humans, a new civil liability system will be in place to protect the private data of individuals and companies, and creation of an effective intellectual property system. Read more

New rules to boost EU crowdfunding platforms and protect investors have been adopted by the European Council. A single set of rules will apply to crowdfunding services in the EU, up to offers of EUR 5 million (from EUR 1 million proposed by the Commission), calculated over a period of 12 months per project owner. Furthermore, stricter rules are in place to protect investors from financial risks and charges that may occur, such as insolvency. Read more

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