Interoute launches global cloud storage service supported by Cloudian’s technology

Interoute launches global cloud storage service supported by Cloudian’s technology 1600 600 Holland FinTech

The global cloud and network company Interoute now provides, through a partnership with Cloudian, a service supporting unstructured data storage and data resilience with multi-petabytes object storage facility.

Our member Interoute, global cloud and network company, is now providing a reliable low-cost cloud-based service to store archives, unstructured data or backups. This service is made possible by a partnership set between Interoute and Cloudian, this one bringing in the deal its Hyperstore storage technology.

Amongst the different perks offered by Cloudian’s technology, its scale-out capacities, its compatibility with S3 API and an integrative character make the product stand out and enables customers to have access – on several extensive petabytes of capacity – to a range of services such as data resiliency, static content hosting or media archiving. As summarized by Jon Toor, Chief Marketing Officer at Cloudian, “With Cloudian, Interoute is offering its customers choice in limitlessly scalable and cost effective storage, a foundation that is proven scalable and reliable in some of the world’s largest unstructured data stores.” Moreover, the combination of these two organizations’ services provides control to the customers over data locality, allowing them to comply while building regulatory storage solutions globally.

Mark Lewis, EVP Products and Development at Interoute, states that in the current context they “created an easily accessed and integrated, cost effective object storage service to support their [clients] digital transformation.”

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