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Sensedia Case Study: Panvel – Omnichannel and the Digital Transformation in Retail

The growth of the digital economy is driven by companies searching for new business models and channels of interaction with increasingly efficient customers at their disposal. This growth is clearly visible in the retail sector, a segment in which interaction with consumers through digital channels is essential and necessary, no longer being a mere differentiator, as was the case a few years ago.

Currently, retail platforms are more than a means for buying and selling products: the consumer experience has become a priority and, with so many channels to be addressed and a more demanding audience, the retail environment has become more and more challenging. In this scenario, an Omnichannel strategy is crucial, integrating all customer service channels and offering a unique and integrated experience through all available channels.

The Panvel drugstore chain works with the concept of omnichannel and is thus able to offer an integrated experience in all kinds of channels. The digital channels, integrated on the same base, have given the network a much higher operational efficiency. Today, they are present in 60 cities in southern Brazil and in the city of São Paulo, with the sales systems of over 600 stores being connected. Currently, the chatbot, created through APIs, serves about 40% of all interactions with the company – that is, 25,000 people – and offers the same features as the application.

The performance, security and connectivity with several digital fronts have allowed Panvel to identify opportunities and the needs of its customers, which could be met through digital initiatives. Through lockers at airports, gyms, and colleges, they can deliver products to customers within two hours (the average being 35 minutes). In retail, convenience is a strong and necessary aspect, and therefore, ensuring agility in the delivery of products enriches the customers’ shopping experience and generates great results for companies that invest in it.

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