september, 2018

27sep08:0000:00Qbit Roundtable

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By sharing knowledge and facilitating knowledge sharing, Qbit wants to improve the level of information security within the financial sector. In this context, we organize a Qbit Round Table with the theme \\’Security testing in Agile and DevOps environments\\’.

The purpose of this Qbit Round Table meeting is to reflect and exchange views on \\’what does and does not work\\’ in Agile and DevOps environments with regards to security testing. We would like to do this together with you, industry partners and professional specialists.

While enjoying a breakfast we go into the following challenges together:

  • Challenge # 1:

Agile development work is completed faster than through traditional waterfall development. Where does security testing stand in the sprint planning?

  • Challenge # 2:

In the waterfall method, there are two separate teams that work sequentially. How do developers and security testers work together now that they are in one team?

  • Challenge # 3:

Traditionally, a comprehensive report with findings only comes to light after a final pentest. How do you deal with security findings during a sprint?

  • Challenge # 4:

How do you use automated security testing in the Agile process and even better, during the deployment phase (continuous delivery)?

  • Challenge # 5:

How do you deal with security requirements? With the waterfall method, extensive attention is paid to this (test requirements & extensive scoping at the beginning, execution, and control of whether security controls have been correctly implemented at the end), with Agile considerably less.

  • Challenge # 6:

Agile and DevOps are dynamic processes. Security tests are limited to the products that are available in the sprint and security management is often unable to adapt to the dynamics. How do you deal with this? How do you implement, for example, regression tests?

  • Challenge # 7:

Communication. Developers and security testers do not always speak the same language and have a different \\’culture\\’. How do you solve this?

An interesting and instructive meeting that gives you new insights and contacts.


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(Thursday) 08:00 - 00:00


Van der Valk Hotel



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