09.21. FinTech Pit Singapore

12 Jul 09.21. FinTech Pit Singapore

FinTech Pit is Singapore’s Global Platform for FinTech Collaboration.
Focusing on use-cases, scalable collaborations and Curated Networking, this platform brings together Financial Institutions, Technology Providers, FinTech Startups, Investors and Regulators to capture the industry’s emerging opportunities. With specific focus on India and China, this conference tracks:
(a) Indian/Chinese unicorns and
(b) the huge market-access opportunity for Asian FinTech companies.

1. India & China Showcase
2. Top Global FinTech Influencers from US & Europe
3. Use-Cases and Tactical-Collaborations
4. Curated Networking

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Information overview

Date: 21st of September
Time: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm (GMT+8)
Location: Singapore
Price: USD 688 / EUR 602 / GBP 533

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