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Weekly research highlights 18 September 2020

According to Sifted, since the beginning of lockdown, European fintech startups have raised over ($3.4bn) in investment between March and mid-August. In terms of most successful sectors from fintech, which attracted the highest levels of funding, alternative lending is in the lead, followed by capital markets, consumer finance, payments, insurtech and wealthtech. Overall, the number of fintech deals in Europe between April and June stood at 148 deals; down from the 169 across January and March. Read more

FinTechCity presents in their latest analysis on the top 50 European fintechs to watch in 2020. The presented panel was selected on the following criteria: investors, buyers and champions of innovators in the sector. The fintechs selected are from different service sectors, such as helping consumers to save money, making life (and finance) easier for SMEs and their employees, accelerating digital transformation, bridging centralised and decentralised finance and addressing climate change. Read more

In their latest report, Forbes, Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures present Cloud 100 list, which includes annual ranking of the world’s top private cloud companies. Cloud 100 introduces the top techs, with categories ranging from small startups to private-equity-backed giants. The criteria of selection for the companies was based on their growth, sales, valuation and culture, as well as a reputation score. Database Snowflake took the leading position on the list, followed by online payments company Stripe. Read more

MEDICI’s latest report, “Germany FinTech Report 2020”, highlights insights from the industry in Germany, which currently has over 800 fintechs and over $2.2 billion was invested into the sector from January 2019 and August 2020. The paper presents an overview of the German fintech landscape by segments & subsegments, funding patterns, M&A, ecosystem partnerships, and industry drivers, as well as perspectives drawn out of regulatory, geopolitical, economic, and market dynamics. Read more

ServiceNow shows in its E-book “Financial services – the smarter way to workflow” new recommendations on how financial institutions can overcome obstacles when it comes to adopting digital transformation processes. One solution for businesses is to connect their operations front to back, which can offer financial institutions a push to accelerate transformation initiatives and deliver consistent, secure experiences. Read more

Rosenblatt Securities latest report, “FinTech Investment Banking”, presents an overview on US overall market valuations, capital raising trends, M&A trends, IPO market update. The report analysis shows an increased trend in raised funding by the insurtech sector, followed by personal finance and investment management. Read more

McKinsey analyzes the financial forecast for the fintech industry’s funding future in their latest report, “Detour: An altered path to profit for European fintechs”. Since the beginning of Covid-19, investment in the sector dropped by 11% globally and 30% in Europe in the first half of 2020. It is estimated that around €5.7bn will be required to sustain fintechs across Europe through 2021. Read more

According to a report from Goodwin, the fintech industry faces further challenges despite its fast-growth. The issues highlighted in the report include cybersecurity risks, which represent an obstacle for fintech adoption by banking and financial institutions. Furthermore, 54% of respondents rank data and analytics as their top priority for fintech adoption, highlighting the importance of analytical information about financial performance, trends, and developments. Read more

In this edition of the Global Fund Performance Report, PitchBook analysts delve into the fund performance of six private capital strategies, from private equity to funds of funds (FoF). As expected in a quarter when the S&P 500 was up 9.1%, private markets finished 2019 on an upswing, with no foreshadowing of the volatility to come in early 2020. PE and VC were neck and neck for highest returns in the year through Q4 2019, coming in at 15.8% and 15.9%, respectively. Read more

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