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Weekly Research Highlights – 5 January 2021

For this week’s research article, we explore the topics of embedded insurance, digital assets management, look at the top 500+ unicorn companies on a global level, highlight the most prominent European InsurTech investors from 2020, dive into Wealth Management, take a look back at the 2020 highlights from fintech with McKinsey, understand the need for a capital flows-at-risk framework, and check out the best life insurance companies in 2021. Happy reading!

On embedded insurance…

Embedded insurance: a $3tn market opportunity, that could also help close the protection gap (FinTech Futures)

With embedded insurance allowing for a more affordable, relevant and customized insurance, third-party organisations and developers can seamlessly incorporate attractive risk mitigation solutions into their customer journeys. Embedded insurance offers insurers the opportunity to have lower cost distribution, reaching more individuals and firms, and being able to access more data to enhance product innovation and reduced underwriting risks. Read more

How to manage digital assets?

Digital Assets Primer (CFTC & LabCFTC)

This report presents a complete guide and overview on how to define and approach the digital asset market. The analysis highlights tools on how to measure the digital asset markets, benefits and risks, how to build blocks for a regulatory framework, key stakeholders, retail transactions, and future perspectives. As the main highlight, it is shown that the interest in trading digital asset derivatives is growing. Nevertheless, as a class, digital asset markets remain small relative to other traditional assets (see below image for a comprehensive overview). Read more

Top +500 unicorn companies…

$1B+ Market Map: The World’s 500+ Unicorn Companies In One Infographic (CB Insights)

For this overview, CB Insights the 500+ private companies with billion-dollar valuations, across artificial intelligence, e-commerce, fintech, and more, displayed in the real-time unicorn tracker. The world’s most valuable private company is China-based ByteDance, in the artificial intelligence category. The company, which operates content platforms such as TikTok and Toutiao, reached a $140B valuation following an investment by Tiger Global Management in March 2020 (see below infographic for the complete mapping). Read more

2020 EU InsurTech Investors..

European InsurTech investors from 2020 (

In the below overview, presents a comprehensive mapping of the most prominent European InsurTech investors from 2020, classified on the basis of funding rounds (seed, early, and growth).

Wealth Management…

North American wealth management: Money in motion, but not always to the bottom line (McKinsey)

In this report, an overview on the wealth management industry in North America is given, with a complete market update. As such, while the pandemic has had an impact on traditional macroeconomic indicators (e.g., GDP growth, unemployment, consumer confidence), financial markets recovered quickly from initial lows to reach record highs over the past few months. Furthermore, valuation remains high, due to the fact that the economic context has forced investors to adapt to the new environment and take greater risks in terms of assets. Read more

Throwback on 2020 highlights…

Twelve highlights from our 2020 research (McKinsey)

For this overview, the McKinsey Global Institute dives into the most prominent and significant developments from 2020, which changed the global economy and impacted our lives and livelihoods. As main highlights for the financial industry, the analysis emphasized that Asia could boost growth through technological leapfrogging, India is in need of an economic agenda to spur growth and jobs, connectivity is becoming of importance by setting the scene for digital access on a global level. Read more

The need for a capital flows-at-risk framework…

Global Policy Responses to Capital Flow Volatility (IMFblog)

In this research, conducted by Annamaria De Crescenzio, Annamaria Kokenyne, Dennis Reinhart, and Julia Schmidt, the economic and health impact of Covid-19 are emphasized, with risks emerging from the changing landscape of global capital flows. For example, a capital flows-at-risk framework can help policymakers better understand tail events in capital flows in order to take early action to mitigate the risks. Read more

Are you sure you’re choosing the right life insurance?

The Best Life Insurance Companies 2021 (Forbes)

In this review, Forbes highlights the criteria and arguments valid for consumers in order to choose the right life insurance company. Due to the fact that acquiring a life insurance means a long-term commitment, especially if it’s a cash value life insurance, the process can be complex at times and requires an in-depth analysis. The overview presents a complete mapping of the best life insurance companies in 2021, based on the quality of companies’ cash value life insurance offerings. Read more

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