€50k in prizes for best prototypes during Dutch Blockchain Hackathon

10 Jan €50k in prizes for best prototypes during Dutch Blockchain Hackathon

This February the Netherlands will become the epicentre of blockchain tech during one of largest and most challenging hackathons Europe has to offer – the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017

In the Netherlands, the government and large enterprises are both highly interested in the opportunities blockchain presents for solving societal challenges. What if we had the chance to dispel identity fraud? What if we could choose for ourselves where our pension funds are invested, or where and by whom our energy is generated and delivered? These are the sort of relevant issues in modern society for which blockchain seems to offer a solution. It is therefore no surprise that the World Economic Forum lists blockchain amongst the top 7 technologies with the most potential to radically change the world. Research from, among others, Deloitte, predicts that blockchain will attract billions in investments in the coming years. The countries and companies leading the way will encounter more opportunities for growth.

During the weekend of February 10th – 12th at The Big Building in Groningen, hundreds of participants will be provided with high-speed Internet and cutting-edge technology from parties such as Microsoft, IBM, Ethereum, BigchainDB, and Blockchain.com. For the first time ever, entrepreneurs, software developers, students, creative minds, interface designers, and data wizards in the field will come join forces with specialists from the Dutch government, regulatory authorities, institutions, and large companies. Never before has there been such a large-scale collaboration on the development of block chain technology.

Thanks to the presence and participation of the collaborating parties, participants will have the opportunity to gain unique insight into the many developments and applications of blockchain technologies. Moreover, the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017 is helping to build an informal network of experts and pioneers.

During the Hackathon teams will work in one of five possible tracks:

  • International trade & business
  • The future of pensions
  • The energy transition
  • The digital identity
  • Re-inventing government

For each track a cash prize of €10,000 will be rewarded – €7,500 for the category winner, and €2,500 for the runner-up. Participation is free, with room for up to 10 teams (3 to 8 participants) per track. Teams that want to lead the way in shaping the future can register here.

About the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon

Organised by DutchChain, the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon is the largest of its kind in Europe, consisting of a year-long innovation programme that culminates in the three-day hackathon event in February. Event participants collaborate toward finding solutions for societal challenges that exist on an international scale, with the purpose of developing, connecting, strengthening, and accelerating knowledge, solutions, and the blockchain ecosystem itself. The associated acceleration programme helps the winning teams and other partners involved to implement their solutions in a scalable way.

The Advisory Board consists of:

Willem Vermeend (Special Envoy FinTech)

Bas Eenhoorn (Digi National Commissioner)

René Penning de Vries (Figurehead ICT MinEZ)

Claudia Zuiderwijk (Chairman of the Board, Chamber of Commerce)

Peter den Oudsten (Mayor of Groningen)

Professor Lex Hoogduin (Professor of Complexity and Uncertainty Groningen University, Director GloComNet)

Mark Buitenhek (Global head of transaction services, ING Bank)