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The New Network Infographic

The fintech industry is broad and seemingly diffuse, but a closer look at its mechanics reveals a web of interaction between various parts of the industry towards innovation. This relational element is illustrated in the new Holland FinTech Infographic, which was published during its Annual Member Summit.

As building an inclusive fintech ecosystem is part of Holland FinTech’s mission, Holland FinTech went back to the drawing board to create new infographic, rethinking how to demonstrate how innovation functions in the industry. Innovation leads to better and more personalised and accessible services and products for consumers and businesses alike, but what supports this innovation is cooperation to build better financial products and servicestogether, with all the actors in the ecosystem.

The infographic gives an overview of how the different sectors within Holland FinTech’s 400-plus company-strong ecosystem relate to one another, showing where banks, pensions, insurance companies, tech platforms, legal services, payments, data analysis companies, and more are positioned in the financial services value chain. This is obviously a simplification of a complex reality, but it makes the dynamics in the value chain more tangible for outsiders.

The illustration also depicts the companies within Holland FinTech’s network operating in each sector, showing viewers not only how companies familiar to them operate in relation to other enterprises, but allowing them to familiarise themselves with new outfits that may be of use to their businesses. This makes the infographic a departure from earlier startup-centred infographics.

Holland FinTech CEO, Don Ginsel, elaborates on the importance of building an inclusive fintech ecosystem and how the new infographic aids this goal: “even though startups and scale ups represent a large potential and inspiration for change, they generally cannot fulfil this potential alone. They are, together with others, change agents in an increasing digital and intertwined world. Therefore, we felt it was time to rethink how we communicate about the dynamics in that ecosystem, talking not about startups and incumbents, but about supply and demand of services and solutions, and opening up the innovation playfield for all parties.“

Infographic categories: Connections Explained

Holland FinTech’s Network Infographic is divided into major categories that play critical roles in the financial services industry, depicting how innovation functions in the industry. Below, you will find an explanation of how the different categories function within financial services and whose needs they serve.



Advisory services play an important role in spreading insights on innovation and supporting organization with their internal challenges as well as facilitating connections.

Customers: Mainly larger organisations.


Alternative Finance

New financing methods beyond crowdfunding are a great addition for SME borrowers and consumers, and make an appealing investment in the current low interest rate environment.

Customers: Mainly SME companies.


Asset Management

Increased complexity of administration, regulations and demand by customers have sparked a large amount of solutions for investments, asset management and capital markets.

Customers: Mainly institutional investors or retail investors.



Universal banks come in all shapes and sizes, and are generally most under pressure by regulation and fragmented competition, driving them to take the lead in innovation.

Customers: Retail clients and corporate clients.


Legal Advisory

Law firms and legal services play an important role in helping regulated entities deal with new regulations, as well as the transition from paper-based agreements to the digital era.

Customers: Mainly larger organizations.


Data Analytics & Administration

As the threshold of designing digital services declines, a broad range of solutions arise to facilitate streamlined or automated administration and analytics, saving tons of manual labour.

Customers: Mainly financial services providers of all sizes.


Pensions & Insurance

Pensions and Insurance experience a different pressure from regulators and competition than banks, but nonetheless, they are exploring new ways to fulfil their role for consumers.

Customers: Mainly retail customers and employers.


Invoice & Credit Management

Between transaction and payment exists a whole world of administration, risk assessment, fraud prevention and lending, enabling companies to facilitate their customers and get paid.

Customers: Mainly SME and corporate customers

Industry Representatives & Public relations

The complex nature of the industry and its changes requires solid communication from and between key stakeholders like policy makers, regulators and customers.

Customers: Mainly financial services providers.



Facilitating seamless payments for companies is one of the drivers for the success of online commerce. These parties enable payments of all sorts, and increasingly help with online conversion.

Customers: Mainly companies selling online or in stores.


Private Equity/Venture Capital

Investing in this growing industry makes an appealing investment and specialised investors enable necessary growth capital and a means to consolidate the market where appropriate.

Customers: Mainly institutional investors and mid-size growth companies.


Personal Finance

The increase in digital means and digital understanding with consumers, as well as enhanced connectedness of data, makes financial planning and advice more accessible than ever.

Customers: Mainly consumers.


Regtech & Legaltech

Companies increasingly require technology to empower compliance through use of data analytics and automated processes due to pressure from new regulation and legislation.

Customers: Mainly financial services companies.


Security & Fraud Prevention

Global connections have opened the way for cyberthreats and fraud. Besides co-operation between stakeholders, technology solutions help keep the industry and customers safe.

Customers: Mostly financial services companies.


Tech Platforms/Solutions

Underpinning the connectedness and data infrastructure of the industry, many solutions, platforms and technology providers are laying the foundation behind the scenes.

Customers: All digital and financial organisations.


Tech Services & Advisory

Supporting the implementation of external solutions and supporting internal development and maintenance, is a legion of service providers, crucial to connect technology and financial services.

Customers: mostly larger financial services providers

A Growing Ecosystem

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