Global Fintech news 100

14 Oct Global Fintech news 100

It is celebration time!

Today we are sending out the 100th version of our weekly newsletter, covering global Fintech news, research, opinions and events. A milestone for our company, that started about two years ago, as well as a nice moment to look back….

When we held our first event on October 23rd in 2014 (see video) and released our first newsletter a couple of weeks later, we couldn’t yet anticipate the sheer enthusiasm we received by bringing together people and companies with an interest in Fintech. We received a lot of support from various stakeholders, like the financial regulators in the Netherlands; different startup initiatives like StartupAmsterdam and StartupDelta, and of course from our first members.

At the start, KPMG, Innopay, Van Doorne and IBM have been very supporting of our initiative and stepped in very early on to become a member. Without their guts to act upon Fintech, we wouldn’t be where we are today. And the same goes for the more than 250 members that followed them in joining Holland FinTech. Thank you!

We are very lucky and happy that we are able to work with all these companies, ranging from early startup to corporate financial services. We are inspired by their people, all imminently curious, investigating, open to new ideas, cultures and business. It is their creativity and their need for support for innovation efforts that drives us forward. It is truly enjoyable that everyone is so keen on building a new financial ecosystem. We see the embrace of older and newer services companies and the creation of better financial services to consumers and businesses – all in an integrated global supply chain full of (digital) cooperation. The internationalization of the ecosystem is also increasingly notable within both our company Holland FinTech and our network.

The Fintech world has changed in our hands while we were working on it. At first it was all very much tied to startups and corporates – two very different worlds, but also often in need of each other. And even though both sides have learned much better how to work together, there still is not a perfect fit yet. Corporates can learn much from how startups leverage new technologies and search for novel business models, but at the same time, is that sufficient basis for cooperation? We have learned to understand that the ecosystem, encompassing the full value chain, is more complex than startups and corporates, who are only the end of the range. In between them are more mature, established, mid size companies (actually small to quite big) that make up most of the supply chain as it currently is. It is also very likely that these parties play a key role in the future of financial services. And we are very glad that we find so many of these companies in our member base.

We still feel very strongly supported to keep up our work of facilitating the financial services supply chain with our knowledge base, our international network and our work, to directly bring potential business partners together. Because innovation is nice, but business is a better ground for sustainable cooperation.

We are looking forward to informing you about developments in Fintech for years to come. I hope you will keep enjoying our newsletters and other channels, and we are open to welcome you as a member if you are not yet. Thank you for being a part of our community! We are always open to hear any feedback you might have for us.

And now fast on my way to our monthly meetup! Will you be joining us?

Let’s keep in touch!

Don Ginsel
on behalf of Holland FinTech Team