Member Spotlight: Florin

06 Jan Member Spotlight: Florin

Florin is a next generation payment application based in Amsterdam. Florin was launched in August 2016 by young minds Bas de Vries and Andre Woons with initial backing from Dutch venture studio Backspace. Bas and Andre know each other since high school where they collaborated on different applications with their programming skills.

Florin started as a Bitcoin-based payment app for smartphone but soon was developed into an innovative social payment app. With Florin you can send money to friends and family in your Whatsapp-contact list. Once Florin knows the payment information from every phone contact, payment are extremely easy and do not require banking anymore.

Bas de Vries, CEO and Co-founder of Florin, shares his vision on how everyone should interact with money: “Traditionally, making a payment through your bank is something you have to sit down for and can be a stressful activity. We think that spending money always is connected to a special moment, especially when you are sharing that moment with your friends. We wanted to recreate the same experience while sending money to someone. Messaging platforms such as Whatsapp have a social function and many people already share payment details (IBAN) with each other.”

Florin is available for IPhone and Android devices and can be downloaded completely free of charge from the App Store and Play Store. After installing Florin, users only need to logging with their iDeal account and the app is ready to use, sending any amounts to people in your contact list. Contacts who already have installed Florin receive a simple payment request that can be verified within seconds with a simple PIN code. Users who do not have Florin installed receive a payment request message including a link to install the app through any other channel (e.g. Whatsapp, SMS etc.).

Bas de Vries: “Florin does not limit users to make payments only to people who have installed it. The payment concept is based on phone-based communication but links banks and iDeal networks to each other. The users get the seamless payment experience from device-to-device. No bank, no administration or difficult account numbers. Easy, fun and without any worries; that is how it should be.”

Based at the start-up community B.Amsterdam, the motivated team of Florin has created a serious competitor for other payment applications in the Netherlands. The bright minds of the founders have developed a modern and friendly interface that has the potential to set the standard for social payments. Bas de Vries: “Our experience with building on the systems of Bitcoin, we saw how easy payments really can be (and should be). In some sense we have a different and more positive vision than our competitors. Together with our happy users, proud ambassadors and being part of Holland FinTech we look forward to a great future.”