Member Spotlight: Mezuro

19 Aug Member Spotlight: Mezuro

Not all of our members are cut from the same cloth. Besides the financial industry some member firms offer their services to a wide range of other industries. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are the lesser part of our network. On the contrary, they must be embraced.

Mezuro is one of those companies. Founded in 2006, based in Weesp, practically a suburb of Amsterdam, they proudly passed the startup phase and are now a renowned actor in the field of data analytics. To be specific: mobility information with smartphone data as source. Mezuro has exclusive access to fully anonymised information derived from the mobile networks of Vodafone, which covers one third of the market in the Netherlands. Mezuro analyses mobility information of smartphone users taking into account the strictest privacy rules and ethics. Paul Kremer, Managing Director reveals how the value of mobile data was discovered: “In the beginning, while we were searching for a way to count the people who are walking in public spaces, we started setting up a video counting system on the streets. This turned out to be a very expensive and complex project and soon smartphones showed a lot more insights on groups of people. We also realised that smartphones have a lot more connectivity than traditional mobile phones because they constantly interact with nearby transceivers and are surprisingly accurate due to the high density. Data goes back & forth twenty-four-seven. Thus, we developed a system which can process big bunches of data and allows us to ask certain questions involving time, distance, geographical reach and mobility trends. Subsequently, our system structures the information and extracts the most useful facts. Governmental organizations are a big benefactor of our insights and can gather more knowledge on traffic problems, tourism, environmental impact and monitor emergency situations. At the same time, the retail industry and event organizers receive extremely valuable information of their customers/visitor based on mobility data. Also, one of the most desired services are our trend reports, which show patterns of big groups and allow us to monitor and predict future situations. Privacy of course is a crucial part of our daily operations. We only analyse groups of more than 15 devices and we do not have access to any personal information whatsoever. Luckily, the telecommunications law is very clear on these topics.

We have a solid legal framework and agreements with Vodafone. We even have an in-house legal privacy counsel who is on top of every regulatory development. Just as in telecommunications, the financial industry has many opportunities to digitalise quickly. Our insights can really unveil the increasing mobile demands of consumers, especially the technology firms who offer surprisingly innovative products can benefit from our data as they become more dependent mobile users. We joined Holland Fintech because it is the only independent platform that opens the door to the established institutions so they can sense the endless possibilities of technology. We are working hard to offer our analytics system to all segments of the markets and hopefully partner up with many international telecom providers.”