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We believe that Fintech is a global game that cannot be played in one hub alone. Digitalization is a globally process. Even though information travels at the speed of light across the world, the local connection to people is what creates value.

Creating a worldwide network of Fintech hubs is therefore the only way to really accelerate Fintech companies growth and reduce time to market both for startups and large corporates.

For our members, we track developments worldwide, help them connect to local partners and organise events and trips to meet the players in other hubs. Our last visit was to New York in April 2015. We will be heading to Singapore at the end of August for the Global Payment Summit. We are planning to go to Silicon Valley/San Francisco and New York in the fall. Please contact us if you want to join a trip to one of these great Fintech hubs or help us organise one.

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Holland FinTech has international reach through its members and network partners. Members range from startups to large banks and technology companies, from investors (private equity, angels, venture capitalists, Fintech funds) to multinationals and from universities to governments. They join Holland FinTech to stay updated on the latest news and research in Fintech, and to be connected to the wider Fintech arena, which enables them to meet potential partners and ultimately to do business together.

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These are the cities that we are linked to outside the Netherlands

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