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Holland FinTech is a private organisation, founded in 2014 in Amsterdam (Holland) by Don Ginsel. We believe having access to innovative financial services and fintech solutions can empower people and organisations to understand, overview and improve their economic circumstances.
We currently connect over 300 member companies from across Europe to our fintech knowledge base and our fintech network (over 10.000 people). Our network spans the globe, creating a marketplace for financial solutions. Our members are diverse organisations and companies, big to small, with an interest in the financial value chain.
We want to empower everyone to make use of the financial solutions we have available on our platform in order to enhance economic empowerment and financial inclusion globally.

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Mid-2014, after several months of preparation, Holland FinTech was beginning to take shape. It was becoming clear to a broader audience that venture capital investments in fintech were surging, and this was the best time to start convincing the financial industry that change was necessary and inevitable. It was a perfect opportunity to leverage the surge in interest fintech to create better accessible, transparent & understandable financial services.


KPMG and payment consultant Innopay supported our initiative from the very beginning as sparring partners. They completed the team of founding members along with IBM and law firm Van Doorne. These four firms helped shape Holland FinTech.  Holland FinTech is  still a private firm (Holland FinTech Partners BV) that offers a neutral platform to create a thriving international marketplace for FinTech. By leveraging connections and expertise across industry, we aim to generate better financial services for all.


We make a thriving international marketplace for FinTech, to create better financial services for all.

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