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Accelerating Global Financial Innovation

Our services vary based on the type of membership (Startup, Corporate, Investor, Government or Partner), however, the one thing they all have in common is that we help members accelerate growth and enable them to leverage our global network and knowledge within the Fintech ecosystem.


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Our weekly newsletter provides you with the most important news, research and events in Fintech. With over 1500 subscribers, it’s growing at a very rapid pace. Feel free to share news that you think our members would be interested in. To subscribe, click here.


Open Meetups

To really get a taste of what we do, join us for one of our free meetup events. On the second Friday of the month, we have a meetup in Amsterdam. We’ve had meetups in many cities in Belgium and the Netherlands. It’s a great place to meet other members of our network and see our team in action. To find more our meetups or sign up, click here.


For Members

Our other services are for members only. Becoming a member is easy and open to anyone with an interest in Fintech. The cost of membership varies but is dependant on the total revenue of the member. For Fintech startups, a part of the membership is free. Find out how to become a member here!



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Fintech startups

Innovative technology companies, whose solutions address any topic in the financial services supply chain need support to compete and thrive. We offer this support to companies that have just been founded to those who have been on the market for a longer time. In fact, we have a very broad view on what a Fintech company is and do not only focus on startups. Become a startup member now!

Inbound services

Our network (link to network) is strongest in Continental Europe, enabling Fintech companies to start or land their business and expand quickly to other parts of the continent. We focus on four priorities: establishing your business, client acquisition, expanding internationally and obtaining funding.

With our initial base in Amsterdam, we support Fintech companies worldwide via:

  • The largest Continental European Fintech Knowledge base
  • Our international network which reaches all levels within financial services
  • Office space in one of Europe’s unique Fintech hubs
  • Fundraising support through our large network of Angels and VCs
  • Support finding and hiring the best tech & financial services talent as well as others
  • A network with local knowledge of legal matters, taxation, and regulation
  • Regular events for members to meet each other
  • If you’re not based in Amsterdam or another Dutch city, we connect companies on a global scale. Of course, it’s easier to speak face to face, but since we travel there are bound to be many opportunities to connect on a regular basis. Many international members connect with us via Skype, Hangout or Facetime. To learn more about how we can help you connect to our network, click network.

Outbound services

We have direct connections with all major Fintech hubs worldwide to exchange knowledge and combine networks. This enables all our members to connect to local Fintech ecosystems worldwide. Discover our global network here

Members go with us to various Fintech hubs to:

  • Attend important Fintech events
  • Connect to Fintech companies
  • Develop business by visiting potential clients
  • Understand how to set up business in new locations
  • Meet with angel investors and VCs
  • Find local partners for legal matters (including immigration, patents, licensing), advisory services, tax and technology, etc.

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Financial services companies

We believe that Fintech companies aren’t simply competition for the existing market, but rather an opportunity for these players to speed up and enhance their innovation capability. Indeed, we know that Fintech disruptors are looking for large corporates to experiment and pilt with. We’ve matched many startups to large corporates for just this reason. This helps the larger, more powerful companies to become more technically savvy and learn to create new products and services for their clients in a lean and agile manner.

For corporate innovators, like banks, insurers, pension funds, pension operators, asset managers, investors and service providers such as accountants, consultants, lawyers,  we provide:

  • Knowledge about worldwide Fintech developments, delivered by website and email newsletters, including:
    • New FinTech technologies, services and companies
    • New regulation
    • Corporate innovation news
    • Venture Capital news
    • Access to Fintech related research
    • Overview of  Fintech events worldwide
  • Access to our online database of Fintech companies, news, research and events
  • Fintech scouting and matching service
  • Regular events to meet Fintech companies and other key stakeholders
  • Member only events for deeper insights and private networking
  • Co-organized events to inform your employees and/or clients
  • Group visits and discounts to several third party Fintech events
  • Support with your innovation strategy & agenda
  • Exposure and access to our Fintech network

And there is much more we do… as long as we believe it contributes to accelerating financial innovation and improving the financial services industry for all parties.

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Fintech Investors

Investors play an important role during the development of Fintech companies over their life cycle, by assessing business potential, assessing competition, assessing exit potential and by coaching startups, investors can improve the professionalism of companies in their portfolio. But first and foremost, providing capital at different stages is paramount.

In 2014 alone, the investment in Fintech was: This amount is on the rise as cities like London, Amsterdam, Berlin and New York compete to be the Fintech capital of the world. We know that this is really an international playing field and are committed to putting investors in contact with the best of breed startups in the Fintech arena. Similarly, we bring startups to different international events and put them in contact with potential clients and investors.

As an investor, we provide you with:

  • Events to meet our startups
  • A continuous source of Fintech opportunities
  • Access to our database of FinTech companies,
  • Access to the latest FinTech news, research and international events
  • Weekly newsletters to keep you and your stakeholders up to date
  • Access to our Fintech network of startups, thought leaders and large corporates
  • Investor only events

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Public institutions

Since the financial sector is often considered semi-public and is highly regulated, we view regulators and governments as well as universities and other public institutions as important stakeholders in the financial services ecosystem. Our knowledge of Fintech is an important source of information about the latest trends, research, startups and partnerships, which public institutions can leverage to shape future regulation and laws. In addition, we act as a sparring partner for public institutions helping them to shorten time and cost to market for Fintech companies.

Please get in touch with us if you want to draw from our expertise and link to our network. Together we can create a better financial services landscape.

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Network partners

For our counterparts all over the world, we have a special program to connect, share knowledge and enable financial innovation on a global scale. We are always open to meeting new partners and connecting to new Fintech hubs. We work with accelerators, hackathons, incubators, meetup groups, innovation networks, and other initiatives or companies that are a part of building the Fintech ecosystem, both locally and internationally. Some of our current partners include FinTech City, Level 39, Singapore FinTech Consortium, Startup Delta and others. To find out more, click here

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