Our member Basefarm just acquired The Unbelievable Machine Company

19 Jun Our member Basefarm just acquired The Unbelievable Machine Company

Last week, Basefarm announced the acquisition of the Unbelievable Machine. With this move, the Dutch company seeks to expand beyond Nordics and the Netherlands to become a major party in Europe.

Online solutions company, Basefarm made public last week that it will be acquiring The Unbelievable Machine Company, a Big data and cloud services provider that operates mainly in Germany and Austria. With this move, Basefarm aims to expand its influence beyond Nordics and to become a leading player in Europe. It will also allow the company to offer a wider range of services like cloud hosting, security and managed services, and Big Data. This will allow the company to offer consumers more business oriented services.

CEO of Basefarm, Fredrik Ohlsén, thinks that the Unbelievable Machine offers an impressive set of experts in the fields of cloud computing and Big Data, and that this goes very well with the objectives of Backbase. Fredrik also states that “We see a growing demand for these kind of services in our customer base.  Just like at Basefarm, the Unbelievable Machine team has focused on their customers’ success, as well as on the people at the centre of the company’s development. This goes hand in hand with the Basefarm culture, so I believe this is a perfect match”.

Ravin Mehta, Managing Director of The unbelievable Machine company believes that by combining, Nordics, the hottest data centre in the world, and Germany, the biggest talent market, is possible to create a true cloud provider made in Europe. Ravin says “I am really excited to add extended markets for Unbelievable Machine and that we will continue giving our customers top quality local service combined with a global infrastructure”.

A mayor shareholder of Basefarm, ABRY Partners, backed the acquisition. ABRY is a media, communications and business investment oriented firm based in the US.

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