Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Bits

Support paid and organic user acquisition growth and lead generation from digital traction channels (i.e. FB/Insta/Pinterest) with a target of 20% MoM with a budget Lead and manage the #getbitschallenge campaign Manage @bitsofstock social media accounts Analyze and report omnichannel user acquisition metrics to the management team on a weekly basis.

Experience or traction with personal and/or professional social media accounts; preferred but not necessary Good writer and communicator; Journalism, Marketing, Communication, Business academic background preferred but not necessary

Must conduct the (visit @bitsofstock) #getbitschallenge and make a recommendation on how to improve in order to apply.

Working out of B. Amsterdam co-working space alongside the management team. Work hard, play hard.

The ability to work in a fast paced environment and put design thinking and agile philosophy into practice. Ownership of success or failure of a product

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