Our last Holland FinTech Meetup, hosted by ABN AMRO, was a complete success! With a full house, the event highlighted a project to use blockchain on commercial real estate, an interesting panel discussion, some big announcements from Money 20/20, and, of course, insightful pitches of some of our members. 

This past Friday 12th of May we held our fifth monthly meetup of 2017, hosted by ABN AMRO at their impressive auditorium located in Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, the meetup had over 250 assistants and it fulfilled all the expectations. The event aimed to give insights on what is going on across the Dutch Fintech scene. With special participation from our members: UL, ABN AMRO and Money 20/20, the meeting gave the opportunity to the participants to share their projects and views on the present and future of the Fintech industry. Also, we had very vibrant pitches of some of our members that shared their vision and contribution. The featured companies were: Datasine, WolfWay, Crosslend and Otly!.

Don Ginsel, CEO and founder of Holland FinTech, was the first-one taking the stage to give an introduction and insights to Holland FinTech’s goals and history. Next was Diederick van Mierlo, the head of credit risk at ABN AMRO, who gave a warm welcome to the crowd.

The next step in the itinerary featured an interesting conversation between Berend van Geffen, the executive director from UL; and Frank Kerstens, head of innovation real state clients at ABN AMRO. The conversation had as a focus “Torch”, an initiative launched by ABN AMRO that aims to incorporate blockchain technology in commercial real estate.

Right after that, the pitches of some of the members of Holland FinTech, took place. Igor Volzhanin, co-founder and CEO of Datasine, shared the vision of his company and explained why, with a better understanding of costumer needs; banks can create a personalidsed experience tailored to each one of their costumers. Then, Davide La Spina, CEO at WolfWay, gave an inspiring speech on how his company aims to give a broad view of the market trough the eyes and behavior of the investors. The third company that took the stage was CrossLend; Philip Niemeyer, the country manager for the CrossLend in the Netherlands, explained how consumer lending across Europe represents an opportunity for investors, and how the company manages to offer cost-low service that allows everyone involved to save money. Finally, Lior Bornshtain from Otly!, shared with the audience his idea of giving children financial education, and how his company aims to work with banks in order to offer a service that allows kids from all ages to start a successful economic life.

Following the company pitches, a discussion panel moderated by Don Ginsel was the main focus of attention. The participants in the discussion were: Pim Jansen from Rabobank, Amos Kater form UL and Ebbe Negenman from ABN AMRO. The panel featured a set of questions that allowed the participation of the attendants trough online voting; this gave the conversation an interesting tone that allowed everyone to get their own conclusions. Among the most interesting votes, we can highlight that 75% of the assistants believe that the availability of talent is the most important asset of an ecosystem, and that 85% think that corporates and startups have to mutually seek each other in order to cooperate.

Finally, Sophie Wawro form Money 20/20 Europe made a big announcement. The list from all the speakers that will be present at the conference next month in Copenhagen. With this big announcement the attendants left the auditorium and proceeded to have some drinks and do some networking. Without a doubt, one of the most successful and complete Holland FinTech meetups.




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