Crowdfunding taking shape in the Netherlands

Everything you need to know about crowdfunding: Netherlands 2015

Status of the crowdfunding for the Dutch Market

Crowdfundmarkt released a report on the current state of affairs in the Netherlands concerning crowdfunding and 2015 was a good year for Dutch crowdfunding platforms (and investors). 730 projects were backed with a cumulative amount of EUR 98 million, marking a significant growth compared to a total of EUR 63 million raised in 2014. Furthermore expected returns on crowdfunded investments have increased significantly over the year, ending at a mean annual return of 7,15%

Largest funding Rounds

The largest funding rounds can be found in Healthcare and Energy & Sustainability projects. When looking at the number of projects Crowdfundmarkt found that most are found in the hotel and catering sector. Moreover, building projects will give you the highest return (8,2%) on your investment while Energy & Sustainability projects will give the lowest return (5,9%). Energy & Sustainability projects are however considered more stable and will probably provide you with more security.
The largest amounts of money were raised by private companies. Additionally private companies are behind more than 40% of the projects that were funded in the Netherlands and will provide you with the second highest return (7,4%).
Another distinction is made between the maturity of the companies behind the projects. Almost half of the projects are developed by start-ups (47,4%). Mature companies take second place with (29,5%) and young companies take the scraps (23,1%). Mature companies are more likely to raise a larger amount of money and are more likely to provide investors with a high return.

What the future holds

Whether this growth will continue in 2016, it still remains to be seen. It is however clear that crowdfunding successfully claimed its space in the investment world. By creating an accessible platform for both investors and project owners it will probably stay relevant for years to come.

To download the report, click here. For more insights, visit the Holland FinTech dedicated resources page here.

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