Blockchain in capital markets

Blockchain in capital markets

Euroclear and Oliver Wyman conducted a joint report that aims to help leaders in capital markets to understand the potential of blockchain technology while laying out the paths for its adoption, and presenting the decision that are required by capital markets firms today.
This report will cover about:

  • A closer look at the component parts of the technology – a genuinely new and more efficient way to organise financial transaction data, but can some of the potential benefits be achieved by existing systems and technology?
  • How blockchain could be applied to capital markets – what would utopia look like? What benefits would be realised, and what would be the impact on different parts of the value chain and participants
  • What major hurdles will need to be overcome – in terms of technology, industry coordination, standards and governance, laws, regulation and policy?
  • Potential uses and paths to adoption – uncertainty that the market will ever be able to move towards a blockchain-based system will rightly persist until practical means of application are developed, the technology is operating at scale, and benefits are realised and quantified
  • What are the next steps for the industry? – seven recommendations for capital markets firms to consider over the next 12 to 18 months

To download the report, click here .

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