Infosys White Paper Praises Benefits Of Regtech

Infosys White Paper Praises Benefits Of Regtech

Global provider of technology & business consulting services Infosys has published a new white paper – RegTech: A magical entity from the fintech ecosystem, which praises RegTech for the wide range of services it can offer in compliance management.

Multinational Indian corporation Infosys provides information technology, business consulting, and outsourcing services in over 50 countries worldwide. Infosys specialises in the creation and execution of digital transformation strategies, and recently, it published a white paper delving into the topic of regtech, or regulation technology. In this paper, regtech is put forth as a potential ‘game-changing’ solution to the regulatory compliance challenges currently facing financial institutions.

RegTech firms offer solutions and services that enable financial institutions to comply with regulatory requirements more efficiently and effectively. Financial institutions engage in a wide variety of business activities that are relevant to RegTech, which are briefly described in four key categories below:

International tax regulations enforcement & RegTech

  • KYC / CDO • Automated data and document collection, verification, storage, electronic ID & address verification, etc.
  • Trading • Data tracking, risk management, trade regulations [e.g., UCITS, AIFMD] compliance, etc.
  • Firm-wide risk management • Aggregation, risk data management, scenario analysis, etc.

International accounting standards enforcement for RegTech

  • Fraud management • payments, online, trade, behavioural profiling, etc.
  • Asset management • reconciliation processes, etc.
  • Compliance monitoring / Compliance validation services

Liquidity Risk Management for RegTech

  • Payments compliance • authentication and verification, PSD2, etc.
  • Trade surveillance • for AML, financial crime risk monitoring, customer profiling, etc.
  • Information security assurance

Anti-Money Laundering / Countering Financing of Terrorism [AML / CFT] & RegTech

  • Capital & capital assessment procedures • vis-a-vis CRD IV, Basel III, Dodd-Frank, Fed’s CCAR, etc.
  • Integrated risk & compliance management and reporting • customer, credit, counterparty, operational, etc.
  • Cloud-based managed compliance service • for hedge funds, asset managers, institutional investors, etc.


The paper goes on to describe examples of regtech solutions offered by various companies, mentioning key capabilities from each example. It goes on to describe a number of regtech success stories from recent years, and in countries around the world, including the UK, Argentina, Australia, Singapore, and many more. The report concludes that regulatory compliance has become dependent upon intelligent automation and near real-time analytics capabilities, both areas in which regtech excels.

For more resources, visit the Holland FinTech dedicated insights page here. Download the full report below.

RegTech: A magical entity from the fintech ecosystem
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