How technology is impacting financial services today

How technology is impacting financial services today

Technology & Financial Services

Today, technology impacts almost every aspect of our lives and with the birth of Fintech it has also started to impact how we manage our money and conduct financial transactions.

We bank online, we make payments via our smartphones, we raise money through crowdfunding campaigns, we invest in peer-to-peer loans and we apply for loans and mortgages through algorithm-based comparison platforms that pick the best options for us.


Fintech is fast becoming an integral part of how we handle our day-to-day financial activities. However, Fintech start-ups are not only providing more efficient and customer-friendlier financial services for individuals. They are also making a positive impact on small and medium-sized businesses by providing new funding options, digital accounting and HR management platforms, data analysis and security tools and new payment solutions.

Overview on Fintech sectors

To provide a detailed overview of all areas that the Fintech sector encompasses our friends at Appcessories have created a helpful infographic that acts as an excellent primer for those who are new to the world of Fintech. The infographic details the growth of the Fintech sector, in which parts of the world most of the growth is coming from, the key areas where Fintech start-ups are disrupting the financial industry and which of these areas have received the most funding.

The State Of Fintech

For more resources, visit the Holland FinTech dedicated insights page here.

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