Accenture publishes 2nd Tech Trends Report for 2017

Accenture publishes 2nd Tech Trends Report for 2017

The recently published Technology Vision Report 2017 by Accenture outlines the five major tech trends it expects to dominate in the future. For each of these five trends, Accenture has released or will release detailed reports offering a more in-depth examination of the trend in question. This month Accenture released its trend two report: Ecosystems as Macrocosms: Unleash the Power of Us.

According to the 2nd tech trends report, companies are increasingly integrating their core business functionalities with third parties and their platforms. Successful, forward-thinking leaders leverage these relationships to improve their role in the latest digital ecosystems. In fact, it is argued that this is instrumental in unlocking the next waves of strategic growth, because it allows firms the opportunity to design future value chains that could potentially transform the business, service offerings, or even the market itself.

Platforms are quickly becoming the main hubs for the rich, complex digital ecosystems that almost every company hopes to access. Some businesses are even building platforms and creating new ecosystems that feature their business at the centre. With customers looking to simplify the decision-making process, service providers aim to access customers and aggregators combine services and bring added value.

With platforms becoming the new normal for business operations, companies are presented with an excellent opportunity to forge new digital value chains. More so now than ever, the digital partnerships that companies make today are guaranteed to have long-term implications for the future.

To read & download the 2nd Trends Report, click here. To see the complete Accenture Technology Vision 2017 Report, click here.

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