KPMG 2017 Global Online Consumer Report

KPMG 2017 Global Online Consumer Report

KPMG has published its 2017 Global Online Consumer Report, ominously titled “The truth about online consumers.” The report delves into modern consumer demands, online purchasing behaviours, and consumer attitudes and motivations. 

Worldwide network of professional Audit, Tax, and Advisory Service firms KPMG recently published its 2017 Global Online Consumer Report – The truth about online consumers. The research findings presented in this report are based on the results of a survey commissioned by KPMG International. Intuit Research conducted the global survey of online shoppers to gain insight into their purchasing behaviours, purchase drivers, and general perceptions and attitudes surrounding online shopping.

In total, 18,430 individuals from 51 countries around the globe participated in the online questionnaire over a period of 12 months. Within each country, the sample was weighted to the same age distribution, in order to ensure that country comparisons showed behavioural differences, rather than those caused by differences in demographic make-up. The report details online purchasing behaviour of consumers, describing online shopping as an ever-rising trend, and further detailing product category trends. It also discusses the rise of international trade and e-tailers, and trends in consumers’ device preferences.

Next, the [cyclical] journey a consumer takes on the path to purchase is outlined in four key stages: awareness, consideration, conversion, and evaluation. Following this section, the report aims to provide understanding of consumer motivations and attitudes, asking the question, “What’s driving the shift to online?” It further describes challenges of online selling, specifically focusing on how to win the online consumer. It emphasises the need for regionally tailored payment options, and an effort to build consumer trust. Finally, the report briefly mentions how KPMG can offer further help related to this topic.

To read or download the full 2017 Global Online Consumer Report by KPMG International, click here.

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