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Startupbootcamp publishes Collaborate to Innovate report

The recently published Collaborate to Innovate Report by the Startupbootcamp emphasises the critical role that collaboration between start ups & corporates plays in achieving market success. 

Central to the Startupbootcamp premise is the notion that corporates need start-ups and start ups need corporates, and that this combination creates the perfect storm for success. In order to gain fresh insight on the realities of this collaborative process, researchers surveyed Startupbootcamp’s alumni base, which includes more than 350 start-ups over a wide range of industries and regions around the world. Eventually, 64 detailed responses were gathered from start-up alumni. On the corporate end of the spectrum, in-depth interviews were conducted with six major partners, including Cisco, Eneco, ING, Intel, VINCI Energies, and Rabobank, to document their experiences working within the start-up ecosystem.

Through its research, Startupbootcamp was able to draw some clear conclusions and gather valuable insight from start-ups across 13 different industries around the world. In general, corporates were rarely viewed as genuine disruptors. Interestingly, and although more than two thirds of interviewed start-ups viewed corporates as fundamental to their success, less than half of these believed that corporates could create genuine disruption without the agility and fresh-minded approach of a typical start up. In addition to a review of key survey findings, the report outlines a detailed list of 10 collaboration tips for start-ups.

The second section of the report looks into the major takeaways from the aforementioned in-depth interviews with corporates. When it came to tackling the fear of disruption, this was what Rabobank Head of Innovation Harrie Vollaard had to say, “Instead of looking only at running our own innovation projects, we had to redefine our strategy and extend innovation activities to link the fintech ecosystem by collaborating with new fintech startups.” Much like the first part of the report, the final section concludes by highlighting 10 collaboration tips for corporates.

To read or download the complete report, click here.

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