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Aite Group publishes findings ACI Worldwide Consumer Trust & Security Survey

Research & advisory services firm Aite Group recently published an Impact Report called Global Consumer Survey: Consumer Trust and Security Perceptions, based on a Q2 2016 ACI Worldwide-sponsored study of 6,035 consumers in 20 countries.

This Aite Group Impact Report summarises the findings of a 2016 ACI Worldwide-sponsored study and offers an overview of respondent attitudes toward fraud and data protection. It further details consumer demands related to engaging with firms to minimize fraud. The research was initially conducted in April 2016 on behalf of global leader in electronic payments ACI Worldwide. The survey was distributed via online questionnaire in 20 countries in the following regions:

  • The Americas: Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and the United States
  • EMEA: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, the 
United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the UK
  • Asia-Pacific: Australia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Singapore

The recently published Impact Report is the second in a two-part series examining the ways in which financial fraud affects consumers’ perceptions. Below a brief overview of key findings has been provided:

  • 65% of consumers indicate they would stop shopping with a given merchant after experiencing fraud or  data breach.
  • Although data breaches are common, consumer confidence in merchants’ ability to protect personal information increased to 43% in 2016 from 34% in 2014, among the 17 countries surveyed
  • Across all regions, the number one fraud concern is theft by computer hacking.
  • Mobile wallet and payments adoption tends to be strongest in regions where infrastructure for other electronic payments options is less mature.
  • Consumers are generally not confident in firms’ ability to protect their stored data. Only in the U.S., India, and Thailand do consumers report at least 50% confidence that their stored data is well-protected.
  • Consumers are generally willing to interact with organizations to mitigate fraud, and mobile is the primary channel through which they wish to engage.


To read or download the full Global Consumer Survey: Consumer Trust and Security Perceptions click here.

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