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Atos white paper examines quantum finance

In line with its Ascent Thought Leadership Programme, as well as its recently launched Atos Quantum programme, Atos has published a new white paper entitled Quantum finance opportunities: security & computation.

International expert consultants in digital transformation Atos, recently published a new white paper that delves into the novel world of quantum finance and its opportunities. The white paper was published as part of the newly launched Atos Quantum programme, which is said to be the first quantum computing industry programme of its kind in Europe.

Quantum computers, unlike today’s classical computers,
utilise a quantum-mechanical phenomenon that allows data to be represented as so-called ‘Qubits’ — these are not constrained to have conventional 0 or 1 binary values, but instead can be a combination (or superposition) of 0 and 1 at the same time. A set of Qubits is able to represent exponentially more values than their ‘Bit’ counterparts — allowing them to interact and deliver computation and algorithm solving rates several orders of magnitude faster than with more conventional technology.

Quantum related technologies could potentially bring about massive disruption in a number of areas of IT. In particular, a significant impact on the Financial Services industry is expected, especially in terms of the opportunities that such computing power will enable. That being said, these new opportunities also carry new threats to some conventional security techniques and can even business models, as current encryption methods become trivial to break and are therefore rendered useless.

Although it has been anticipated that quantum computers will not become mainstream until around 2025, there is much that businesses can, and should, do to prepare for this next digital revolution. A complete and well-informed awareness of the threats posed can help businesses to immediately begin deploying Quantum Safe Security. Some of the mathematical algorithms that are expected to enable the full power of quantum computing can also already start to be deployed within conventional computer architectures, in order to provide the business with immediate and significant benefits.

To read or download the full report by Atos, click here.

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