KPMG explores changing landscape of disruptive tech

KPMG explores changing landscape of disruptive tech

In the fifth year of its publication series – The changing landscape of disruptive tech – KPMG returns to provide expert perspective around technological innovation trends, top barriers to commercialising innovation, and deep insight into the leading best practices in tech innovation.

In the fifth edition of its annual report on The changing landscape of disruptive technologies, KPMG offers knowledge & insight from its annual survey of 800+ leaders in tech, from start-up entrepreneurs all the way up to Fortune 500 executives. The 2017 edition of its publication is issued in two parts, each highlighting the following key topics

Part 1 | Global technology innovation hubs

The first section of the 2017 report showcases the rise of new incubator ecosystems, accelerators, and venture capital, alongside government incentives across the world. In this section, KPMG unfolds the cities and countries making the more significant strides in innovation development, providing detailed country perspectives for fifteen countries. The competitive stakes are undoubtedly high in the global technology industry ecosystem. It is for this reason that KPMG also provides innovation management perspectives.

Part 2 | Disruptive technology trends and barriers

The second half of the report, which is set for release in April 2017, will cover the trends in disruption and the barriers to commercialisation of emerging technologies. Specifically, part two will outline those emerging technologies that have the most potential to disrupt industries and transform business models. Additionally, KPMG has announced that will assess the monetisation opportunities with respect to these disruptors, as well as the varying challenges to adoption by both region and industry.


Now more than ever, companies across a wide scope of industry are feeling the effects of the rapid pace of change within the digital arena. According to KPMG, global and cross- industry collaborations and partnerships are critical to staying ahead, as is learning how to embrace change & steer clear of falling victim to the status quo for fear of failure or uncertainty.

To read or download part one of KPMG’s report on The changing landscape of disruptive technologies, click here.

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