Payments & Cards Network releases PCM MPE 2017 Special Issue

Globally active payments & eCommerce boutique recruitment agency The Payments & Cards Network recently published a special edition – the PCM MPE 2017 Special Issue – of its regular eMagazine in preparation for last month’s Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2017 event in Berlin.

The Payments & Cards Network regularly publishes its free PCM eMagazines, which explore the latest topics of interest in the world of payments. In preparation for the Merchants Payments Ecosystem – a.k.a MPE 2017 – in Berlin this past February 14th – 16th 2017, a special volume of the PCM was published – the here.. Although the event has already passed, this edition covers a number of topics which are currently highly relevant within the payments ecosystem. Stories covered in the PCM MPE 2017 Special Issue have been listed as bullet points below.

  • The Payments Powerhouse between Europe & Asia
  • Wallet Wars – The Awakening
  • Open API driven innovations as differentiators
  • Customer Loyalty: The Comeback Story
  • Start-up Spotlight


Interested in diving into these stories and more? To read or download the complete PCM MPE 2017 Special Issue, click here.

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