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McKinsey Quarterly 2017 Number 1 looks at advancing forces of digitisation

McKinsey Quarterly has returned with its first edition for 2017. This latest publication spotlights the advancing forces of digitisation with an extensive range of articles. The research span all key divisions within McKinsey & Company.

Global management consulting firm and trusted advisor to the world’s leading businesses, governments, and institutions, McKinsey & Company, has published the latest edition of its quarterly periodical – McKinsey Quarterly 2017 Number 1: Reinventing the core. The first issue for 2017 outlines why companies should take advantage of the new opportunities brought about the age of digitalisation. It also examines the latest research around consumer decision journeys and highlights firms making strides on board-level diversity.

The Quarterly offers content and research that is relevant for  senior executives regardless of industry, functional role, or geography. This powerful combination of McKinsey insights and ideas from other globally leading experts and consultants enables readers stay on the cutting edge of management thought and innovation. Thus, it helps readers become more effective leaders and to boost the overall performance of their organizations.

The leading feature of the newest McKinsey Quarterly 2017 makes the case for digital reinvention. It asserts that although digital technology may seem ubiquitous, it has actually only just begun to penetrate industries. Continued advancements and innovations in digital technology will undoubtedly have dramatic implications for revenues, profits, and opportunities. The next feature article of the newest Quarterly, offered exclusive insights into the agile transformation of ING Bank provided by two of its senior executives in an interview.

In another featured article, McKinsey provides three snapshots of digital transformation – financial services, food retailing, and pharma. All are working to reinvent themselves in different ways. Subsequently, Citigroup’s Head of Operations and Technology detailed the bank’s on-going efforts to accelerate its own digital transition. Another area underscored was the importance of finding the right talent with the skills and agility needed to make things happen. The new McKinsey Quarterly also included its standard introductory chapter, called Leading Edge, as well as the usual Quarterly closing chapter: Closing Views. The outline below provides an overview of the feature pieces in McKinsey Quarterly 2017 Number 1, as well as the articles featured in the aforementioned introductory and concluding sections.


  • The case for digital reinvention
  • ING’s agile transformation
  • Three snapshots of digital transformation
  • Rewiring Citi for the digital age
  • The new battleground for marketing-led growth
  • A smart home where the bot is
  • The dark side of transparency
  • Nokia’s next chapter
  • Finding hidden leaders

Leading Edge • Research, trends, and emerging thinking

  • Measuring B2B’s digital gap • B2B companies fall short of B2C counterparts in key areas of McKinsey’s Digital Quotient assessment.
  • The hidden toll of workplace incivility • Research shows that hurtful workplace behavior can depress performance, increase employee turnover, and even mar customer relationships.

Industry Dynamics , Insights from selected sectors

  • Digital music’s Asian beat • The heady growth of new music-streaming services in the region may contain lessons for other industries.
  • Rethinking the oil and gas organisation • Organisational choices made during a time of resource scarcity need reexamination when the cycle turns.
  • Omnichannel, not omnishambles  • Providing an omnichannel customer experience requires companies to become more flexible and responsive.

China Pulse , Snapshot of China’s digital economy

  • An ‘Uber’ for Chinese e-commerce • Logistics companies are struggling to match delivery capacity to fluctuating demand. A new social-media platform could help.

Closing views

  • How to accelerate gender diversity on boards • Slow progress in adding more women to boards has dominated the conversation. But tips from standout companies are more likely to inspire others to take firmer action.
  • Time for a new gender-equality playbook • The old one isn’t working. We need bolder leadership and more exacting execution.
  • Extra Point • Home bots: The feeling side of technology

For deeper insights on the aforementioned articles, be sure to read McKinsey Quarterly 2017 Number 1: Reinventing the core by clicking here.

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