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OutSystems leads latest Forrester low-code development platforms report

Forrester’s quarterly report for Q1 2017 is titled The Forrester Wave: Mobile Low-Code Development Platforms. Its 24-point evaluation identified OutSystems as a key vendor that helps professionals build and deliver low-code applications quickly. The research is timely: the market demand for user-friendly, flexible mobile applications is increasing. 

The recently released quarterly report, The Forrester Wave: Mobile Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2017 by Forrester Research named low-code development platform and Holland FinTech member, OutSystems, a leading vendor on the competitive landscape. Vendors like Outsystems are key in facilitating the meeting of demand and supply on platforms that allow a combination of both ‘scenario flexibility’ and ‘functional breath’ in the development of applications for semi-professional and professional use. Several of the functions related to low-code development include use of multiple languages (e.g. Java and C Suite). They are include the integration of mobile-specific features on low-code platforms.

OutSystems has previously been identified as a leader within the competitive field of low-code development platforms. In a previous Forrester Wave report, the American provider of enterprise software was also applauded. In this report, thirteen vendors were identified and scored in a competitive framework, alongside OutSystems. The inclusion of significant vendors was based on four conditions, including an estimated annual revenue of at least USD 5 million, and a minimum of at least three customer references. Current offerings, strategy, and market presence were the key evaluation criterion involved in analysis.


Based on this weighted evaluation, Forrester’s report was able to conclude that Outsystems, Mendix, Salesforce, and Kony are now leading the market in low-code development platforms. New-comer platform within the low-code space, Oracle, fell just short of the ‘leaders’ category, but made its mark in the ‘strong performers’ category alongside K2, Appian, and Alpha Software. Contenders now offering competitive options in the low-code space include Caprize, Magic Software Enterprises and i-exceed.

A central insight highlighted in this report is the need for expeditious application development and delivery (AD&D). This would enable immediate solutions without compromising interactive experiences for users. For this reason, essential areas for competitive differentiation amongst vendors are experimentation, and learning with access to multiple functions. The report additionally emphasises the significance of integrating existing business processes within vendor platforms.

As usual, the quarterly Forrester Wave report on low-code development platforms provides practical, data-backed insights into how, increasingly, digital users are rapidly closing the gap between business and IT innovation, without the need for highly specialised skills. Finally, the report outlines the ways that digital innovation can help to enable applicability, scalability, and security.

To read or download a PDF copy of The Forrester Wave: Mobile Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2017 report, click here.

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