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Irdeto publishes free guide to PSD2 security compliance

Leading provider of digital platform security solutions Irdeto has just published a new guide, Client-Side Security in PSD2: Your Guide to Compliance. The guide, which is now available for free download, summarises client-to-server directives under PSD2, explains the potential impact to the current market environment, and presents a straightforward path to compliance.

Irdeto is a leading global provider of digital platform security solutions, with nearly 50 years of experience working with pay-media operators, content creators, software application providers, and connected device manufacturers to protect valuable digital assets. Earlier this month, Irdeto released a free guide, Client-Side Security in PSD2: Your Guide to Compliance, which includes a white paper and a handy infographic to visualise the importance of PSD2 compliance.

Earlier this year, in February of 2017, the European Banking Authority (EBA) released the its final draft for Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Common and Secure Communication (CSC) under the revised Payment Services Directive, now commonly referred to as the PSD2. Beginning in 2018, financial services providers will be required to have implemented security solutions capable of safeguarding all client-to-server communications. As Iredto stresses, non-compliance with the security standards outlined in the PSD2 is not an option.

In its new, free to download guide, Irdeto explains, in layman’s terms, the relevant client-to-server security directives that will be set into place under the PSD2 when it is enacted next year. The guide further demonstrates the reason that secure client-to-server communication has become such a crucial factor to innovation, and explains the exact requirements outlines in the PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards, or RTS, as indicated by the EBA. Finally, the white paper and infographic offer insight into the potential impact to your company’s market environment, and concludes by presenting detailed instructions for future regulatory compliance under the PSD2.

To download your free copy of the  newly released infographic and white paper by Irdeto – Client-Side Security in PSD2: Your Guide to Compliance – click here.

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