Acapture and Boatsters join to launch an end-to-end VR webshop

Acapture and Boatsters join to launch an end-to-end VR webshop

A new white label app was developed and launched by Acapture in collaboration with Boatsters. It aims to encompass the entire customer journey, offering a virtual reality experience.

Global data driven PSP, Acapture joined leading rental platform for boats and yachts, Boatsters in order to launch a virtual reality webshop. The solution will be available as a white label app and any merchant that is looking to offer a VR experience to their costumers can adapt it to their company’s needs. The application covers the whole process; from the moment the customer selects the product until the transaction is done. Furthermore, when consumers are ready to make the purchase, Acapture’s award winning payments platform backs the payment process and ensures a complete and safe experience for customers.

The webshops will be available for customers via smartphones by using any VR headset available in the market. It also gathers the consumer’s touch points so merchants can use this data to improve their e-commerce experience.

Acapture CEO, Rudolf Booker, stated:

“Since we launched Acapture we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the complete omnichannel payment solution meant to maximize revenues for merchants. With this application, we’re taking omnichannel to the next level, enabling an immersive shopping experience for buyers, while offering merchants customized ecommerce solutions optimized for their customers’ shopping needs.”

Boatsters CEO, Nick Gelevert, said:

“This is an exciting moment for Boatsters, and a ground-breaking moment for commerce. The VR channel was the missing piece from our offering. We provide not just products, but real world experiences and VR allows our buyers to test that experience in a way no other channel can. With Acapture’s application, we can see how long which consumers browse which products and segments of our catalogue, providing a new level of insight into their shopping journey and allowing us to adjust our process, ultimately leading to higher conversions.”

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