Acapture becomes signature member of the Merchant Risk Council

Acapture becomes signature member of the Merchant Risk Council

Last week, Acapture, a global, data-driven omni-channel PSP, announced it has recently become a member of the Merchant Risk Council (MRC). It joins a community of 450 companies from 30 countries committed to improving e-commerce payments and supporting risk management efforts.

In the press release, the company states that the MRC membership is a major step for Acapture, emphasising its dedication to developing and improving payment solutions that match the needs and challenges of today’s merchants. Being part of a community that shares the same drive to make commerce safe and profitable provides Acapture with an opportunity to learn and better understand the main fraud and risk challenges that merchants are confronted with.

With Acapture joining the MRC community, merchant members will have access to Acapture’s data-driven payments solutions designed to increase revenues through improved authorisation rates, fraud reduction, checkout experience and customer journey insights with the help of data science. Next to these award-winning payment solutions, MRC merchants will benefit from the extensive cutting-edge research that Acapture releases on a regular basis, examining the most important commerce topics and trends.

About Acapture

Acapture is the subsidiary company of Payvision, a global card acquiring network. Licensed as a payment institution by the Dutch Central Bank, Acapture combines with Payvision to maximise the revenues of merchants and help them grow their business globally. This is done through a complete data-driven omni-channel payment solution, capable of managing a payment at every stage, from checkout to fund collection to settlement.

About MRC

With the vision of making commerce safe and profitable everywhere, the Merchant Risk Council is the leading global trade association for eCommerce fraud and payments professionals. The MRC was established in 2000 by a small group of merchant professionals from leading consumer brands who all shared a mutual goal of improving eCommerce payments while supporting their organizations’ risk management efforts. In 2010, the MRC expanded its community to Europe, and currently supports over 450 member companies in over 30 countries.


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