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Holland FinTech members nominated for the European FinTech Awards

We are proud to announce that 74 of our members from the Holland FinTech community have been nominated for the European FinTech 2017 Awards. Congratulations and good luck to everyone!

The European FinTech Awards and Conferences is a two day event that features innovative speeches from thought leaders from the most promising fintech companies. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness a pitch battle between the finalists of the European FinTech Awards. Nominees will be able to feature their companies with eager investors and ultimately drive the growth of their business.

The European FinTech Awards are divided into 10 categories, including: Blockchain & Bitcoin; Alternative Finance; Challenger Banks; Financial Inclusion; Innovative Banking Software; InsurTech; Payments & Transfers; PFM Robo Advisory; Risk, Intelligence & Security.

The top 100 are selected through public voting and later the finalists are decided by an expert panel assessment. The second and final round will be on September 27, during the European FinTech Awards. The top 3 fintech companies within each category will have the opportunity of ten minutes in front of an expert panel of judges, to pitch why their company should win.

Online voting is ongoing but ends on the 25th of August! Don’t forget to cast your vote! 

Below is an overview of a few of our members who are currently running under their corresponding categories.


Blockchain & bitcoin

  • Bitcoin: Through buying and selling bitcoins and facilitating active bitcoin trading on our exchange, Bitonic, is pushing forward by innovating using the endless possibilities of blockchain technology. Vote for Bitonic here.
  • BitPay: BitPay is the first and most experienced bitcoin payment processor and allows merchants to accept bitcoin payments from customers while pricing their products and receiving bank deposit settlements in their local currency. Vote for BitPay here.
  • Quantoz Technology B.V.: Quantoz is an innovative blockchain technology application incubator. With knowledge and experience, we build working software tools. Vote for Quantoz here.
  • BTC.com: The BTC.com bitcoin wallet keeps you in total control of your bitcoins. Backed by years of industry experience and by the world’s leading and largest bitcoin mining manufacturer. Vote for BTC.com here.

Alternative finance

  • Lendico: Lendico is the digital and fast alternative to banks. Lendico operates completely online with no branch network and relies on proprietary technology to reduce costs and optimize the handling of loan applications. Vote for Lendico here.
  • HelpTheCrowd : HelpTheCrowd makes it easier to compare different investment opportunities by gathering them all in one place. They guide investors through the broad European crowdfunding landscape by identifying the legal differences between crowdfunding platforms, the differences in costs, and the differences in the services they provide. Vote for HelpTheCrowd here.
  • InvestUP: investUP is on a mission to make investing an everyday thing. Their site offers all forms of crowdfunding & P2P ranging from invoice-trading to lending to businesses. Vote for InvestUP here.
  • InvestorBase: InvestorBase is an online matching platform for external funding for SME companies. InvestorBase validates and improves efficient the propositions of entrepreneurs. Vote for InvestorBase here.
  • Symbid: Symbid envisions a world with transparent financial markets, where entrepreneurs and investors collectively realize their dreams and create sustainable value. Their funding platform we build trustworthy connections between ambitious entrepreneurs and investors looking for business ideas they believe in. Vote for Symbid here.
  • Invoice Sharing: Invoice Sharing enables companies to improve invoice processes and cash flow using a free electronic invoice distribution platform. Vote for Invoice Sharing here.
  • Eureeca Limited: Eureeca Limited is the first multi-regulated global equity crowdfunding platform that enables members of its investor network, who range from casual and angel investors to institutional firms, to buy shares in growth-oriented businesses, while providing operational businesses with crucial access to capital. Vote for Eureeca Limited here.
  • Tailwind Crowd: Tailwind Crowd is an investment community based on crowdfunding principles that covers the niche of the market where there is a financial need for companies. Vote for Tailwind Crowd here.
  • Lendahand: Lendahand is a social crowdfunding platform where people can finance SMES in upcoming economies at an interest rate of 3-4% with the main goal to create jobs. Vote for Lendahand here.
  • Jorrt BV: Jorrt BV has built a new bookkeeping program packed with the latest technologies that help simplify and automate bookkeeping. Vote for Jorrt BV here.
  • Lendex: Lendex enables professional and retail investors to invest in products with attractive risk adjusted return that traditionally are only accessible to banks. Vote for Lendex here.
  • Spotcap: Spotcap empowers SMEs with tailored finance, allowing them to focus on what really matters – their business. Vote for Spotcap here.
  • Crosslend GMBH: CrossLend’s mission is to build a more efficient lending and investment ecosystem to help get capital flowing effectively across Europe.Vote for Crosslend GMBH here.
  • Seedrs: Seedrs is the largest equity crowdfunding platform in Europe. It allows all types of investors to invest in businesses they believe in and share in their success. Vote for Seedrs here.

Financial inclusion

  • Lendico : Vote for Lendico here.
  • Otly!: Otly team is working hard to provide kids and parents with services that traditional banks and schools are falling short to provide. Vote for Otly! here.
  Innovative banking software
  • Quantstore: Quantstore is a white label fintech platform ready to develop for digital banks, asset/wealth managers, and online brokers with many templates ready to deploy. Vote for Quantstore here.
  • SDK.Finance: SDK.finance is a Back-end-as-a-Service white-label core payment platform that enables to release a payment & loyalty -related product like E-wallet, Payment acceptance service, Virtual money, P2P money transfer, etc. Vote for SDK.Finance here.
  • figo GmbH: figo aggregates financial sources from over 3,100 banks and financial institutions to enable innovation services. Vote for figo GmbH here.
  • Connective: Connective is a key player in delivering European Identity services & digital signature solutions. Their Digital Transaction Management software we enable businesses and other institutions to transform any paper-based customer journey into an unparalleled digital user experience. Vote for Connective here.
  • Komparu: Komparu provides technology that allows publishers to integrate fast, reliable, customisable and highly converting price/product comparison modules and sales funnels in the field of Financial Services, Energy, Broadband, Mobile phone contracts and much more. Vote for Komparu here.
  • EMS Claims Service Provider: EMS is a startup aiming at revolutionizing the claims handling market. With self-service EMS introduces an alternative form within the EMS claims engine. Vote for EMS here.
  Payments & transfers
  • Pom: POM- the trusted app to manage and pay all your invoices in a quick and secure way. Vote for POM here.
  • Declaree: Declaree is an online Expense Management system that offers a native smartphone app to digitise expenses on the go. Vote for Declaree here.
  • SlimPay: SlimPay is a pioneering payment platform for repeat and recurring payments based on SEPA Direct Debit.  Vote for SlimPay here.
  • Sharepay: Sharepay is a fintech startup based in Paris whose mission is to simplify shared expenses. The Sharepay card shares payments instantly by debiting several bank accounts in realtime regardless of the banks.Vote for Sharepay here.
  • Moneytis: Moneytis is a comparison service for money transfer fees. The company provides the exchange rates offers from companies which are strictly regulated, authorized or licensed by FinCen, FCA, HMRC and equivalent international authorities. Vote for Moneytis here.
  • Sign2Pay Sign2Pay provides a secure and convenient mobile payment method that allows consumers to use their touchscreen device to pay with their bank account number and personal signature. Vote for Sign2Pay here.
  • Tabster: Tabster is an app for easy payment for your night out.  What you order can be seen directly on your phone, the bill is handy to you and your friends, and when your evening is finished, you pay a tap on your phone. Vote for Tabster here.
  • Pocopay: Pocopay is a team of 50 people who reinvent what everyday banking looks and feels today. They bring together the good old familiar and secure bank account and fill it with newest opportunities and features, which make the user experience crazy convenient and joyful. Vote for Pocopay here.
  • CashOrCard POS: CashOrCard POS is a full Electronic Cash Register / Point of Sale solution, built with omnichannel retail in mind. Vote for CashOrCard POS here.
  • Tranwall: Tranwall, an innovative company focused on building trust in the global payments industry by putting transaction control in the hands of every consumer. Vote for Tranwall here.
  • Mollie: Mollie allows all your online payments available on your website or in your mobile app with a single integration. Vote for Mollie here.
  • Daalder Pay: The Daalder App — the new way to pay with your smartphone. The Daalder App is an e-wallet — a personal mobile wallet that you can top up with Daalders, the digital Euro. Vote for Daadler Pay here.
  • Buckaroo: Buckaroo is a supplier of payment solutions in the Netherlands, specialized in billing & payment solutions for businesses. Vote for Buckaroo here.
  • Flinqer: Flinqer is working to distribute cashflow smarter and more efficient without complicated systems or high costs. Vote for Flinqer here.
  • Simpled Card: Simpled Card is a unique combination of corporate payment cards, a Card Management System and a super simple app. Vote for Simpled Card here.
  • Billink: Billink is an innovative retrospective payment solution for online retailers. Vote for Billink here.
  • BitPay: BitPay builds powerful tools for accepting, spending, and building with bitcoin. BitPay allows merchants to accept bitcoin payments from customers while receiving bank deposit settlements in their local currency, without price volatility or direct bitcoin integration. Vote for BitPay here.
  • Klarna: Klarna revolutionises the way people shop and sell online. It makes the process of online shopping simpler and safer for the customer by analysing publically available data and offering eligible customers the ability to pay after delivery. Vote for Klarna here.
  • Pro Quidity: Pro Quidity aims to give small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) control over their liquidity. Vote for Pro Quidity here.
  • SRXP Mobile Expense Reporting: SRXP offers an expenses app and online portal to make your expense reporting process more efficient and more insightful. Vote for SXRP here.
  PFM robo advisory risk
  • StockViews: StockViews is a marketplace that connects fund managers with independent equity analysts. They’re revolutionizing the traditional world of equity research.Vote for StockViews here.
  • Surance: Surance is a smart wealth management platform, combining financial planning, investing and personal financial advice in one simple-to-use application. Vote for Surance here.
  • Equidam: Equidam’s online technology allows any private company to calculate their valuation and create complete valuation reports in less than one hour, making use of all data available. Vote for Equidam here.
  • LeapfunderLeapfunder aims to help startups to find early stage financing. They offer support and financial tools, which are developed with great care. Vote for Leapfunder here.
  • Sparkholder: Sparkholder decreases the information asymmetry between the company and other stakeholders like investors of banks/financiers. They do this by subtracting information from the administration software of a company and processing this into a real time information platform. Vote for Sparkholder here.
  • Semmie: Semmie is using new technology and an honest mind-set to make investing possible from €50 a month.Vote for Semmie here.
  • WealthObjects: WealthObjects’ B2B2C Robo-Advisory and Engagement platform helps Banks, Investment firms, and Wealth Managers to launch a next generation digital wealth or investment manager (or) enhance their current offering quickly and at a fraction of the cost (compared to building and maintaining own solutions) using customisable modules to serve their digitally savvy affluent/ HNW customers, and/or attract a much wider mass customer base such as the millennials. Vote for WealthObjects here.
  • Ikbenfrits: Ikbenfrits combines smart, interactive and online financial advice with personal service in a fremium model. Their online tools use advanced algorithms to calculate the best mortgage options. Vote for Ikbenfrits here.
  • Birdee: Birdee is an investment management company offering an online discretionary portfolio service for Mass Affluent investors. Vote for Birdee here.
  Intelligence & security
  • Environmental Rating Agency: The Environmental Rating Agency (ERA) provides unique and independent ratings of corporate environmental risk and performance for investors. Vote for ERA here.
  • Credit Kudos: Credit Kudos uses consumer transaction data to build highly accurate and transparent credit score-cards and affordability metrics. Vote for Credit Kudos here.
  • GuardSquare: GuardSquare is the world’s leading provider of optimization and obfuscation software for Android. GuardSquare’s open source solution ProGuard is included in software development kits by Oracle, Intel and Google. Vote for GuardSquare here.
  • What-iFolution: What-iFolution is a patent pending technology that allows for two-way manipulation of data in charts and qualifies for international patent protection. The technology makes it possible for any person to simply answer all kinds of what-if questions and to build and optimize any desired scenario. Vote for What-iFolution here.
  • Onegini: Onegini protects customer personal data and enables secure transactions, using any device any time. The company’s award-winning Mobile Security Platform provides organizations with an easy way to deliver mobile apps, with the best end-user experience and high security for external users. Vote for Onegini here.
  • CheckMetrix: CheckMetrix allows retailers/restaurants and their suppliers to be a more successful business through smart and collaborate using sales data from POS systems. Vote for CheckMetrix here.
  • Multisense: Multisense provides organisations with secure user authentication and identity verification methods with biometrics. Vote for Multisense here.
  • Owlin: Owlin’s proprietary search and analysis software helps you gain control over the wealth of information on the Internet. Owlin scans more than 2 million news sources around the world: corporate sites, government publications, academia, blogs, specialist sites, forums and news organizations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and ‘turns the news into actionable intelligence’. Vote for Owlin here.
  • Symetrics: Symetrics is a risk technology company that offers strategic risk analytics software platform for financial institutions. Vote for Symetrics here
  • BUX: The BUX trading app that makes stock trading accessible, understandable and relatively safe for everybody, even if you don’t have tonnes of trading experience or wads of cash to spend. Vote for BUX here.
  • DataSine: DataSine brings together expertise in finance, psychology, and machine learning to help financial institutions better understand their customers. Vote for DataSine here.
  • Eccentrade: Eccentrade has built a single-source platform that aggregates and structures scattered data for the most accurate company insights possible. Vote for Eccentrade here.
  • Signicat: Signicat is the first and largest digital ID hub provider in the world, allowing financial institutions to create mutual trust between their organisation and its publics. By ditching manual, paper based processes and replacing them with access to a digital ID hub, customer on-boarding is accelerated and access to services is made simple and secure. Vote for Signicat here.

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