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Member Spotlight: is the leading platform in the Netherlands that gathers jobseekers and Fintech companies in one place. Companies can post the vacancies they have in the website so professionals with special interest and affinity for fintech can apply for the position that they are looking for.

Given the difficulties that fintech companies have to endure when looking for talent, especially to find staff with interest and knowledge about the fintech industry, it is becoming increasingly important to have a place where fintech companies and job seekers can gather and find each other. is a start-up company that provides a platform where companies from all the fintech spectrum can post the vacancies they have so professionals with an especial interest for fintech can find their perfect match. is a very young start-up; it was founded earlier this year in Groningen and it is formed by a small group of motivated professionals that from in and out its headquarters. Moreover the team has previous experience searching for talent in the Fintech landscape, which adds expertise to its value.  Additionally, works with content creators from all around the world that contribute with relevant post and whitepapers that are key for both, job seekers and companies. At the moment, the company is focusing on the Dutch and European Fintech job market, but it plans to expand into other places. targets fintech companies and talent. In one hand, it provides companies, from new start-ups to well established corporate institutions with a platform that enables them to post what they are looking for, and share it with an international audience; this allows them to have a bigger sample of qualified and fintech driven candidates. From the job-hunter perspective, it offers the best selection of possible jobs related to fintech that anyone can get, the offers are targeted to attract a wide range of professionals like marketers, content writers, developers, programmers and much more.

Moreover, the job-hunter is completely anonymous, which adds value for professionals interested in doing a career on Fintech. They can target the most attractive offers for their expertise, and contact directly the company looking for talent. This sets apart to other job boards and well-known recruitment parties out there. People looking for opportunities don’t need to share their information and can have direct access to the hiring team posting the vacancy on the website. has a wide spectrum of offers in the Dutch job market and some other European countries. It currently has 1,500 posted online and new job hunters are subscribing on a daily basis. It also has some positions offerings in some of the most vibrant Europeans cities to work in fintech; cities like London, Berlin, Stockholm and Amsterdam are amongst the most popular. Furthermore, the company aims to have Fintechs beyond the European borders posting their job offerings, cities like New York, San Francisco and Tel Aviv are amongst the plans for the future.

Holland FinTech and Fintech Fans

For Fintech Fans, Holland fintech was the place to go due the fact that we gather a very diverse and interesting mix of fintech companies that are always looking for talent. Sharing their solution with all our members can help enrich a job market focused only on financial technology; which means that, in the future, professionals and employers can have a meeting place to get the best out of each other. Moreover, the events that Holland Fintech offers represent an opportunity to network and get feedback from some of the most prominent figures in the Fintech scene. in collaboration with Holland FinTech is offering our members a special discount code to parties interested in looking for talent. If you want to know more about this special offer, you can contact us at


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