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Member Spotlight: Unicorn Bay

Unicorn Bay is a portfolio management company, using the latest roboadvisory technology to optimize the investments of its customers. Founded two years ago, the company is operating in USA and Russia while working on new projects to extend its activity.

Unicorn Bay is providing a portfolio optimization and risk management solution powered by a roboadvisory process. The company thus focuses its activity around investment management in order to increase the efficiency of the customer’s resources. The service, based on a roboadvisor powered by a specially conceived algorithm, is more affordable and precise than a bones and flesh portfolio manager, while keeping features of human interaction. Unlike other companies on the market, Unicorn Bay can not only build a portfolio, but also improve the returns of an existing one. Adjusting the risk and profit levels, the service provided is all about optimization with the acuteness of an algorithm-based solution.

Having a grant from the French government, the company is now based in Lyon, from where it operates in Russia and USA. Founded two years ago, Unicorn Bay now counts 5 experts in its team; data analysis and mathematics constitute the main part of the team’s skills range, which is supported by marketing.

Unicorn Bay’s core customers are individuals and companies wishing to improve their portfolio. All kinds of investors, professionals or not, can benefit from advises provided by the company. Hence, this one is positioned on a specific branch where competition can be rough, which is the most important challenge for the team. Other big companies like Betterment are competing with them, although the solution offered differs from those competitors because the latter do not offer optimization of current portfolios, but only their own. Marketing is as well a challenge for the company, as it can be expensive; Unicorn Bay is in this domain looking for different ways to improve, like social marketing and building a trusted community.

Looking at the future of the company, the focus will be set on blockchain and building comprehensive analytics for ICO companies and cryptomarkets. According to founder Denis Alaev, blockchain technologies will become more important within two years: if for now roboadvisory is not at the centre of the fintech dynamic, blockchain on the other hand will become essential. With this in mind, Unicorn Bay plans on building tools able to help crypto-traders and investors to invest money and manage portfolios on crypto-markets. They expect to provide this new service before the end of the year. The company, in addition to US market, also aspires to expand on the European market, in UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Unicorn Bay and Holland FinTech are partners since almost two years. The company appreciates the networking opportunities as well as the insights provided by the news about the community. The eventual connections with investors and blockchain companies are an important incentive for Unicorn Bay to use our network.


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