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Holland FinTech and Dinalog (the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics) are collaborating on the Logistics & Fintech programme, aiming at fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge throughout the logistics value chain. Fintech services have the potential to be involved throughout this value chain and add value to the already successful Dutch logistics industry.
As part of this programme, we are organizing a set of logistics challenges to be solved with fintech solutions. The aim of this project is both to show logistics companies that fintech, and digital services in general, can benefit them, and to show fintech companies that there are opportunities for them in the logistics industry.
The first challenge is a cruise company that needs a new instant, international payment system. Some specific characteristics of this company is that its clients come from all around the world and there is a low volume of high-value transactions involved.
The second challenge comes from a transport services provider that would like to broaden its proposition by using the extensive data it has about their clients’ inventory as financial data with financiers. This can help their clients get a more stable working cash flow.
The third challenge is about a logistics company looking for non-traditional ways to fund its fleet. They are considering a solution outside of the traditional lease model or one involving sharing these resources with other companies. Nevertheless, any innovative solution will be considered.
If your fintech company can provide a solution, please reach out to us by email, or directly fill out this application form. The logistics companies will then select the most promising solutions, which will be pitched at a December event.
Find out more about and signup for these challenges here

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