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Countr and Sweebr join forces

Countr POS and Sweebr Retail Solutions are officially operating as one international point of sale platform from October 1st 2017. The two companies are joining forces to tear down the walls between POS, kiosks, webshops, payment processes, CRM, logistics, in-store cameras, employee management, etc. by offering 1 open hardware-agnostic platform. The overall mission remains the same: help retailers improve their organisation in a more innovative, reliable, affordable and simple manner… without having to spend thousands of euro for new in-store hardware.

This new combined platform is called Countr and the name Sweebr will be deprecated. From food to non-food, from 1 to 100’s of locations, the platform is built with omni-channel retail in mind and integrates seamlessly with existing (back end) programs and hardware. A POS is just a glorified (and expensive) calculator – the real power is in the platform and connectors behind that calculator. Countr Countr POS is a full Point of Sale platform solution, built with omnichannel retail in mind. Free to download and try out, retailers of any size can instantly benefit from integrated loyalty and full eCommerce integration, seamlessly combining logic from both webshops and physical shops. Countr is a full-functioned POS that fully integrates eCommerce platforms, allows any payment provider to connect, and the only POS-provider to create a full (open) marketplace of add-ons and 3rd-party services. Since 2013, Countr (formerly “Buzzoek Loyalty”, founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) has been helping retailers globally to grow their businesses by providing cutting-edge software products and detailed analytics and insights along with global partners and service providers (Google, IBM, Adyen, Worldline, CCV, PaymentSense and more). Sweebr In 2012, Sweebr (founded in Haarlem, the Netherlands) was the first ever software company that provided HTML5 POS-software, offering retailers a solution that is truly independent of POS hardware. Sweebr aimed to liberate retailers from the chains of many of their current POS-providers by having information flow easily between applications. Focussing on smaller retailers in the early days, mid-market retailers were increasingly asking for the same agile, hardware-, OS- and channel-independent solutions. With the current joint solution we will be able to provide for just that!]]>

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