Recap of Banking the Next Billion: The Role of Fintech in Africa

Recap of Banking the Next Billion: The Role of Fintech in Africa

This week, a South African delegation composed of fintech entrepreneurs is exploring the Dutch ecosystem and practices. To push forward financial innovation, they are meeting with Dutch experts to exchange views and ideas on how to foster financial inclusion in the continent.

Innovation accelerator En-novate facilitated this experience.

Yesterday, Holland FinTech together with Amsterdam in Business at the World Trade Center invited the delegation to present their companies and ideas and discuss with local fintech professionals.

CEO Founder Thomas Pays at iPay Secure Payment and CEO founder Matt Coquillon at Mama Money, cross-border payments and online payments start-ups, pitched their concept to an attendance composed of investors, corporates and fintechs.

The panel discussion following was moderated by Don Ginsel, with Gerard van de Par from TW Payment Solutions, Marija Urumovska from Lendahand, Ryan Canin from DocFox and Bevan Ducasse from WiGroup who discussed fintech opportunities in a South African and Dutch context regarding consumer developments, incumbents reaction and regulatory challenges. The discussion was animated by numerous questions from the attendance, who then mixed with speakers to pursue the discussion during a networking session.


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