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Sentiance's driver DNA

Sentiance, data science company, provides human behaviour data technology. They offer a new solution enabling the distinction between driver and passenger, to better achieve the rating of drivers’ behaviour on the road.

Bringing solutions to the insurance market, the cutting-edge technology enables a more precise scoring of drivers’ demeanour. Using low-level sensor data, they introduce the concept of drivers’ DNA, allowing to draw a complete and accurate drivers’ profile.

The data source is the user’s smartphone, data then processed and restituted to assess the driver’s level of safety. Angular velocity and acceleration are the main factors used in the process. So that passengers present in a car driven by a dangerous driver do not get penalized, the technology enables personal recognition.

In addition to such project the tech firm diversifies, as their partnership with Parcify illustrates. In collaboration with the delivery mobile app, they integrated their Sentiance Context SD to the app in order to optimize the delivery solutions in accordance with consumers’ habits.

Vincent Spruyt, Sentiance’s Chief Data Scientist, has been recently named Visionary Of The Year by the MIT Technology Review, thanks to his work on machine learning predicting human behaviour.

The company is as well hosting a Data Science experts talk on the 19th of October in Antwerp. If you think you could bring insights to the conference, they are looking for additional speakers.

Interested by this state-of-the-art tech company? Apply to join the team here.


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