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Member Spotlight: EMF, SME lender

Alternative SME lender, EMF provides loans to local entrepreneurs via its product PIN Voorschot. This unique system enables to provide short-term loans and payback via PIN terminal. Active since 2015, the company offers a painless loan tool facilitating small business growth.

EMF offers a unique financing product to its customers. Through PIN terminals equipped by its software, the start-up is able to access data enabling a smooth underwriting process using historic debit card incomes. Generally, in less than four business days a new customer can access a loan to support their business. The payback is then done through the PIN terminal, as a fraction of daily income is directly redirected to EMF. This system is made possible thanks to a partnership with payment processing company CCV.

Offering loans from 2,000 to 50,000€, the company targets small enterprises in need of funds to sustain their financing cycle. Typically, shops, restaurants and good dealers form the bulk of EMF’s customer base, offering them an automated and painless loan payback system. The underwriting process takes into account the last twelve months income generated through the PIN terminal and a background overview (ratings on specialised website for restaurants, social media presence etc.), eventually leading to a positive or negative result and providing funds at fixed rates. These are kept within industry standards. Fully automated, no other costs are attached to the procedure. This concept differentiates EMF from traditional SME lenders, as the whole process is easier for customers and faster.

The company is headquartered in Naarden, NL, from where it operates throughout the entire country. CEO-Founder Diederik Werdmolder, relying on more than 25 years of experience in the financial area In Hong Kong, New York and Amsterdam leads the close-knit team of eight people. Since its creation in 2015, the company has provided some 1400 loans to support small businesses and entrepreneurs.

This includes loans through the WEB Voorschot, a sister product to the PIN Voorschot that applies the same procedure to online payments to facilitate loans to WEB shops.

A member of Holland FinTech since July, EMF joined our community to find partners to connect their products to and to be better introduced to the European fintech ecosystem.

To know more about the company, forward your questions here.]]>

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