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Member Spotlight: Partner HUB, singular invoicing platform

Hungary-based Partner HUB’s product is a white label invoicing platform for banks, payment service providers and fintechs. The company chooses to focus on financial service providers: Partner HUB believes that integrating payments with e-invoicing and digitalizing other documents can add significant value to the supply chain financing services market, both to providers and end customers.

The start-up provides globally tax compliant e-invoicing services with a very short implementation time. Their platform is suitable for setting up rapid prototyping systems within weeks. Headquartered in Budapest, Partner HUB Ltd. operates from this location across the country.

Launched in 2015, the start-up was the fruit of 10 years of preparation. Their current team comprises of 12 enthusiastic professionals, expecting to grow organically in the next 2 years. Believing in cooperation, both with business partners and teammates, the team is driven by a culture based on performance, openness and cordiality.

Partner HUB delivers added value through more efficient invoicing, EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) and invoice processing workflows. Integration of e-invoicing, digitalized document management and financial services results in better working capital management and opportunities for tailor-made supply chain financing. Their objective is to play a crucial role in this integration process. According to them, e-invoicing can reach faster a high penetration with white-label services under various brands, and it serves the strategy of financial services providers better.

Their core customers are payments/supply chain financing providers, as invoices are the underlying document of payments and trade financing. Partner HUB is also focusing on fintechs and other start-ups to provide them tax-compliant invoicing services worldwide. Their product, CharlieIndia Invoice HUB is the core system for OTP Bank Plc’s (Hungary’s incumbent bank with a strong CEE presence) added value service for SME clients in Hungary integrating e-invoicing and banking services. The development project has been completed within 5 months thanks to their technology.

“We see a huge value for banks and payment service providers with CharlieIndia Invoice HUB: the bank/payments service provider can enter the customers’ life already at the level of business transactions, with a better payment/supply chain financing product than branded e-invoicing and purchase to pay solutions.” says Peter Malaczko, the founder of Partner HUB.

The team is prepared to take their next big step: to introduce CharlieIndia Invoice HUB on the international market. Their strategy aims at establishing partnerships with their customers to reach a high penetration of e-invoicing, and to drive a higher efficiency for supply chain financing through integration with payments/financing services. They participated for first the time in the Finovate Fall conference in the US in September 2017, from where quite promising leads resulted. In the near future they will be active in the European banking/payments service market.

Partner HUB joined Holland FinTech during the summer 2017. Having found valuable presentations on the Internet, they saw the value of joining the community. They attended their first Holland FinTech event at the FinTech Vortex on the 26th of September, where they made encouraging encounters.


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