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Member Spotlight: Credit Management &#038, Investor Solutions (CMIS Group)

Credit Management & Investor Solutions B.V. (CMIS Group) provides investors direct access to tailor-made investment solutions in the mortgage and consumer loan market. They are the only party providing a future proof full wing-to-wing platform offering solutions for managing and servicing multi-asset classes such as: residential mortgages, consumer loans, commercial real estate loans and commercial real estate. With offices in the Netherlands and Germany, the company has capabilities to distribute, originate, underwrite and service different assets through their entire lifecycle, both as a Lender of Record and 3rd party servicer.

CMIS uses fintech solutions to improve traditional processes. With the launch of Merius in 2016, CMIS Group introduced a new plug and play proposition with a highly digitized mid-office underwriting platform for mortgages and consumer loans, offering  straight through processing for borrowers in the application process. Because of the digitized workflow, mortgages can be provided in less than 24 hrs and consumer loans  within the hour.

CMIS Group was purchased seven years ago, the group grew from 40 to more than 200 employees; a workforce mainly composed of financial & IT experts, but also lawyers, asset managers and risk managers, and a network of 500+ independent financial advisors (IFAs). This diverse and unique team moves quickly to assess changes in the market and execute innovative strategies to stay ahead of the curve. CEO Sean Daly defines the business as ‘mature entrepreneurs’. In this regards, the company considers itself a start-up as it displays the agility and vision common to small structures.

The group provides state-of-the-art technology and services to remain ahead of the consolidating competitive landscape.  CMIS Group is rated by FitchRatings for Primary Servicing RPS2, Special Servicing RSS2, Master Servicing RMS2+ and is ISAE 3402 II compliant.

CMIS Group seeks to expand its pursuit of  alternative lending solutions, working with marketplace lending platforms, whilst continually exploring fintech collaboration and opportunities.  CMIS Group sees additional value creation as a result of the integration of technology and finance within its investment platforms.


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