ABN Amro, solarisBank partner up for instant digital loans

First integration of this importance for the digital challenger bank solarisBank, the partnership between ABN Amro’s online brand MoneYou will enable German consumers to access swift loan services.

Berlin-based online bank solarisBank‘s instant digital consumer loan service has been integrated to ABN Amro digital brand MoneYou. Targeting german customers, the new service will enable them to contract a loan ranging from EUR 1,000 and 35,000 instantly through a fully digitized process. The technology and the loan are facilitated by the challenger bank, while the Dutch bank will provide its customer base.

“MoneYou and solarisBank are united by the goal of fully digitizing and optimally aligning banking products with the needs of consumers. We see our first partnership with another bank as confirmation of our platform approach, which can bring digital companies, start-ups, banks and corporates all together to form one financial ecosystem.” Marco Wenthin, CCO and co-founder, solarisBank

Read more on solarisBank.

By Jean Leguy, Research Coordinator at Holland FinTech

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