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Insurtech jobs increase at 22 times the rate of UK job market

According to Joblift, roughly 913 insurtech related positions were posted in the UK during the last 12 months. Although the figure appears small, it represents a huge spike in relative to the corresponding 1% increase of the entire UK job market as a whole. Although traditional insurance vacancies were advertised 75 times more during the same time frame, the sector has actually been experiencing  a 1% decrease every month.

Most roles are based in London where 76% of all positions are posted, with Manchester trailing far behind with 50 times less vacancies. Web developers, programmers and consultants were the three most sought after InsurTech professionals — a stark contrast to the more conservative roles advertised by the traditional insurance sector, namely insurance handlers, financial advisors and accountants.

Although Berlin’s rapid growth as a startup market and high concentration of insurtech vacancies positions the German capital as a formidable competitor to London, Joblift’s research shows that Berlin still lags considerably behind. London has been the location of 698 insurtech vacancies, nearly thrice as many as Berlin’s 275. Additionally, the UK capital’s monthly growth of 18% significantly trumps Berlin’s 1%, suggesting that confidence still lies with London when it comes to insurtech.

An infographic of the UK’s insurtech job market. Source:


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