Figlo's new application and introductory discount

Figlo’s new app

Alongside the many positive reactions the company received for Figlo Mortgages back in July, financial software company Figlo also received a lot of constructive feedback to further develop and improve their application.

Having implemented this feedback, Figlo will release a new, improved and expanded version of the application shortly, after which the development shall yet continue. This new version shall be released in early 2018.

App Improvements

The main improvements of the new app consist, first of all, of the option to add children to the client’s household situation. It will also be possible to add orphan’s pension, as well as multiple personal insurances, which influence the affordability.

From the budget’s additional products, it will be possible to directly jump to MoneyView within Figlo’s application screen, and return to the application with information retrieved from MoneyView. The new app offers the feature to adjust a scenario’s date, also for multiple scenarios at the same time

A loan-to-income overview is added to the results, which are prepared automatically. If the mortgage or housing costs are exceeded, the required additional yearly income is automatically calculated. All the risk-related events are incorporated in this dashboard, as well as pension-related scenarios and the end of an interest deduction. A button is also added to automatically enter data derived from a corresponding plan. The loan-to-income calculation will be explained for every plan.

Additionally, a budget overview will be added to the results page, similar to the advisor-overview. Finally, all documents are located in a separate page.

Discount until January 1st, 2018

Next to their new application, Figlo also applies an introductory discount of EUR 200 for all contracts concluded before January 1st, 2018.

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