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Top regtech events for 2018

Regtech has really taken off this year. Next year it will experience even more growth, especially in Europe due to the PSD2, MiFIDII and GDPR all coming into effect and all greatly impacting the finance sector. Developments will be spurred along by innovations in blockchain, AI and big data. With Regtech holding so much promise next year to help companies with increasingly difficult compliance, Holland FinTech has collated list of the top 10 Regtech events to attend in first half of 2018. Check back in with Holland FinTech at a later date for the best regtech events for the second half of 2018. 

FinTech Social: Embracing Digital Identity in Financial Services, January 18, London

This event asks ‘What identity management solutions and technology banks are using? What technologies are out there?’ These are important questions in the digital world where we increasingly rely on our digital identities to open opportunities and are increasingly at risk of data and identity theft. More information here.

PSD2 & GDPR Forum, February 19-20, Amsterdam

This Forum dedicates the first day to the PSD2 and the second day to the GDPR. The forum will discuss the scope and details of the directive and regulation. It also asks important questions about the technology that is behind the changes to come; for example, APIs and privacy by design’. Current speakers are from the European Commission, European Central Bank, Rabobank and other major banks. A full list of discussion topics is here.  

KYC & AML Summit Europe, March 7, London

Finance Edge’s KYC & AML Summit Europe will explore how firms can reinvent identity authentication and KYC for the digital age to enable cheaper, quicker and more user-centric on-boarding, for both individual and corporate clients. The day will consist of talks, panels and roundtables. More information here.

RegTech Capital Markets Conference, March 7, London

The aim of the third RegTech Capital Markets Conference is to see what firms, regulators and their suppliers have been doing about regtech during the previous 12 months and to establish leading practices for regtech. The event is geared towards regulatory SMEs, technology developers and executive. Check out their website here.

RegTech Data Summit 2018, March 7, Washington D.C

Data Coalition is holding first first regtech Data Summit next year to bring together agency leaders, Congress, regulated industries, and tech companies to define this future. Holland FinTech recently spoke to Dutch regtech Axoniq who highlighted the similarity between the GDPR and American privacy law, so much so that American companies use Axoniq’s GDPR module for compliance. There may be much to learn from the American perspective. Click here for more details.

RegTech MENA, April 23-24, Dubai

This two day conference in Dubai will draw connections between regtech and fintech and will discuss the transformative effect of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data analytics, biometrics. Another topic for discussion will be the drivers behind the rapid rise of regtech. Last year had international English involvement. More information here.

COMPLY, May 16-17, New York

COMPLY markets itself as the world’s largest regtech and compliance event, gathering global innovators, experts, regulators and compliance professionals. The keynotes and panels focus on mitigating risk, maintaining brand safety and implementing marketing regulations for companies. Details for registration and more are here.

RegTech Expo London Trade Exhibition, September 12, London

RegTech Expo 2018 in association with RegTech Online, the event will offer professionals including capital investors, senior compliance and technology officers and tech entrepreneurs to network, do business and showcase the lasted products and services within this increasingly expanding market. More here.]]>

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