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Welcoming Waves to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is below sea level and constantly battling the sea. We don’t normally welcome waves. But when its a blockchain platform for trading tokens and listing ICOs, Amsterdam’s fintech scene has open arms. 

This week, Waves has announced it will establish a permanent Amsterdam presence at Primalbase. The Waves Platform is a custom blockchain for token or asset generation and trading. It is possible to safely manage and trade fiat money and cryptocurrencies, including Waves’ own token, on the decentralized platform. A permanent presence in Amsterdam is part of Waves’ global expansion for 2018. The company also intends to establish themselves in London, Singapore and New York over the next six months.

Why Amsterdam? In addition to the strong fintech and startup scene in Amsterdam, Waves has a long standing relationship with Primalbase both as an infrastructure and business partner, reported Crowdfund Insider.

Primalbase is a new co-working space which opened in Amsterdam late November. It’s unusual because memberships are based on a cryptocurrency: the Primalbase Token (PBT). Anyone can share, sell or rent out the top-notch office spaces using the Ethereum- and Waves-based digital tokens. To become a part of the Primalbase community, a PBT must be purchased. All token holders then have access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, researchers and consultants. Primalbase also plans to open in London, New York and Singapore in 2018.

By Grace Appleford, Research Analyst for Holland FinTech.]]>

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