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Main payments and e-commerce events in 2018

As digital innovation continues to flourish, companies have a whole new range of cutting-edge technology that requires adaption. Alongside new innovations come regulations, especially when it comes to consumer protection. All in all, companies have to be up to date on where the possibilities  that might contribute to their business lie. This is especially true for payment and e-commerce related companies, who have the ability to shape the financial landscape in the coming years. To cater to these companies, we have listed a number of important payment & e-commerce related events for the coming year.

Savant E-Commerce Congress, 12th of March, Berlin, Germany

Savant-Events organises the E-Commerce Congress to enable e-commerce companies to stay ahead of competition. Customer demands are continuously shifting, which require companies to adapt quickly onto today’s age of customers. The conference brings together some of the best minds in e-commerce, revealing the latest trends and practices in e-commerce strategies, design and technologies. All in all, the event opens up a multitude of opportunities for retailers.

5th Annual European Payments Forum, 1st-2nd of March, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

GLC Europe organizes the forum to address regulations and to facilitate the opportunity for parties to debate about fintech and technological evolution, as well as its impact on the financial landscape. Additionally, attendants are invited to join a ‘regulatory roller-coaster’, which will inform participants of the effects of current and future regulations regarding the banking ecosystem. Generally, it is a platform to learn, network and discuss all payment related matters and gain experience from expert speakers.

European Payments Summit, 14th-15hth of March, the Hague, the Netherlands

The European Payment Summit (EPS) is an international event designed to provide a unique networking and educational experience for payment and transaction professionals and consultants. The summit allows delegates to learn directly from industry experts about the latest developments in the payments industry. The two day program features key developments for professionals and by professionals combined with the topic of international security and fraud.

r-etail:Code, 14th-16th of March, London, UK

The event addresses DevOps (development and operations), continuous delivery and software development for senior executives in the retail & e-commerce industry. The event brings together industry stakeholders to discuss the impact and benefits from DevOps and allows them to share their experiences and expertise.

EBAday, 12th-13th of June, Munich, Germany

EBAday gathers Europe’s most senior payments and transaction banking professionals in Munich. The conference comprises keynotes, panel discussions and debates with more than 80 of the world’s leading experts. Key topics and new challenges that drive business in Europe will be discussed.

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