A PSD2 Update by the DNB

A PSD2 Update by the DNB

The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) has issued an update on the implementation of PSD2 in order to optimally prepare the financial sector on the changes to come. The bank has therefore initiated a PSD2 Seminar for the 8th of February as a follow-up on the event of last September. The event will also make an authorization form available to payments institutions as an example for PSD2.

Next to the progress the European Banking Authority is making on the creation of several Guidelines and Regulatory Standards (RTS), the DNB would look to provide financial firms with some additional guidance.  The event on the 8th of February will therefore focus on two topics:

  • The application process for a license under PSD2
  • The revamped regulation under PSD2: for new and existing payments institutions

The event is strongly tailored to potential license applicants and current license holders, but others are of course welcome as well.  More information can be found here (in Dutch).

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